10 Surprising Things No One Tells You About Marriage

You don’t just marry your partner but his/her entire family!

Author: Khushigupta | Updated: September 30, 2016 9:58 IST

When they say marriage is a totally new chapter of life, they say it right. To some, it looks rosy, some already have a reality check in place before tying the knot but there are still so many surprising things that no one tells you, not even your already married friends.

These are the things you experience on your own once you have entered this institution of marriage and have no option but to face them. But don’t get scared as these minor things only add to the charm in life making it all the more entertaining.

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We at Bandbaajaa.com have penned down 10 such things based on personal experiences. They aren’t a warning neither a demotivation, they are just fun things that every married couple goes through!


1. You don’t just marry your partner but his/her entire family!

Dinners with family increase and friends decrease. The footfall of relatives coming to your house shoots up and so does the responsibility of their hospitality.


2. The TV remote is no more your own property, even if the TV is.

As exaggerated as this remote fight it, the fact is that it, unfortunately, stands true! If Gossip Girls is her favorite, there is definitely a football match airing live at the same time.


3. Sharing is caring but sharing with your spouse happens on a different level.

This point is a particular warning to those who love their individual space and do not want anyone to enter that contour. But mind it, your spouse will. From your bed to your wardrobe to your body wash to everything, there is barely anything left exclusively your own.


4. Going back home from office does become exciting

No one looks forward to going back to an empty apartment, cooking all by yourself and sleeping with your shoes on. Well, this aspect is taken care of if your spouse is waiting at home for you. You look forward to returning back to him/her as cooking becomes all the more fun and you have someone to talk to, literally about everything!


5. Not every fight ends before you go to bed

If you still remember how while you were dating, the two of you would never go to bed without resolving your conflict, consider those times gone.  A fight in a marriage can continue sometimes till the morning or even for days!


6. Your taste buds do change according to your partner

Were you a pepperoni pizza person before you got married? Well, it is not surprising if you are now an alfredo pasta person simply because your spouse is.  


7. Not everything that you planned will come true

While a couple is dating, they plan endless things together, from vacations to shopping sprees to what not. But unfortunately, stressed with a load of responsibilities, not all your plans take shape.


8. Your talks will turn more about managing finances

You will still talk about movies, food, and random things but your conversations will take a boring shape. They will mostly be about finances, groceries, décor and eventually babies.


9. You will have to limit your friend circle

The possibility of your spouse disliking your friends from the core of his/her heart is very high. Fighting here isn’t the solution, limiting your friend circle is.  


10. Life changes drastically

Be ready for a life that is completely different but trust us, it would change for good!


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