The Couple Room Project, New Delhi/NCR

The Couple Room Project does the makeover for the rooms of married couples, according to their taste and preferences and helps them create their own 'paradise'. They not only revamp the room but also build the room from scratch and takes care of every minor detail.

Author: Radhika Verma | Updated: August 30, 2017 6:54 IST

Getting married and having a makeover of your room is a big task. Deciding the appropriate space for the room, the perfect colors on the walls, the perfect size of wardrobe, the lightings in the room, and the perfect furniture for the room are some of the major decision to be taken while doing the makeover of the room.

Well, not to worry anymore. The Couple Room Project is here to solve your problems and be your Knight in Shining Armour.

The aim of The Couple Room Project is to provide the married couples a room with the best of everything in it. They don’t just create a room, a cabinet, a chair, a place or a 3 dimensional spatial arrangement of inanimate entities orchestrated in unison to accommodate a pair of homo sapiens. They create infinites stories that the room would tell forever and ever, infinite energies that is positive enough to make u smile and infinite opportunities to spread love around. The Couple Room Project believes in providing you with your own little infinity.

Their work ranges from revamping an existing room to building a room entirely from scratch. The team of designers and skilled workers focus on the interior designing, styling and execution of the room. They provide all types of services like space planning, architectural additions and alterations, design of fixed items of work, loose furniture and interior related to civil work, lighting design, sound and acoustic design, selection of materials, equipment and other related elements. They also provide services like plumbing, electrician and services related to air conditioning.

The Couple Room Project basically takes care of each and every detail of revamping or re-building the room to make it a perfect place to stay, for the married couples.

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