The Hottest New Wedding Trend Is Here - Marryoke!

It is a wonderful encapsulation of the good memories of such a momentous milestone in our and our daughter’s life.

Author: Guest Contributor | Updated: November 27, 2017 1:51 IST

Our daughter got married in November last year. The wedding planner recommended a photographer/ videographer whose portfolio we really liked and happily hired him. The photographer insisted, pleasantly of course, that we, besides the traditional still and video photography can also go for a ‘marryoke’.

''It was de rigueur for all weddings to have one these days and we should if we wanted the function to stand out and be remembered forever. Didn’t we want novelty? Didn’t we want our daughter to be happy?''
But what the hell is a ‘marryoke’, we asked him. Was it something like a karaoke? Because we didn’t like karaoke much, and shunned karaoke bars and there was no way we were going to let a variant enter our function.  

He then, patiently, explained the concept to us and took us through his very impressive portfolio. My daughter was hooked immediately. We really had no choice thereafter; though we would have said yes anyway since what we saw was very exciting indeed.
Marryoke is a portmanteau, or a blend, of marriage + karaoke. It’s a music video in which the bride, sometimes the groom, and family and friends participate. It requires no actual singing (thank god!) but miming to a selected song. The footage is then edited into a mock music video and all participants become stars.  
So on our daughter’s Mehndi Ceremony, the footage was shot featuring our daughter, family, and friends. There was some acting, dancing, some tomfoolery (by the bride’s father) and loads of fun. It is a wonderful encapsulation of the good memories of such a momentous milestone in our and our daughter’s life. 

Marryokes are usually a song long and people upload it online. 

The trend emerged in the UK in 2009  when a marryoke video of a couple lip-syncing to the Black Eyed Peas “The Time (Dirty Bit)” went viral

So got out there and get one made for your  wedding. The expenditure is worth it!  

Guest Content - Ajay Mankotia 

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