Glance Through Farooq and Sofiya’s Dreamy Wedding With The Wedding Art

Take a sneak peek into the dreamy fairytale of Farooq and Sofiya. #Fariya owes every bit of their dreamy wedding photography to The Wedding Art.

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The Wedding Art


Who doesn’t want a grand wedding that becomes the talk of the town owing to its grandeur, food, photography, and decoration? Farooq and Sofiya had always dreamt of a palatial wedding. Their idea of an opulent wedding couldn’t have been better executed and narrated by anyone other than the Wedding Art. #Fariya owes every bit of dreamlike wedding photography and cinematography to the Wedding Art.



The Wedding Art has a team of highly experienced, foresighted and knowledgeable professionals who capture even the tiniest of your wedding function details with utter perfection. They are the best wedding photographers in Mumbai and make sure that you relive your special D-day moments through their clicks and videos. The Wedding Art specialises in wedding photography, candid photography and cinematography.


The Wedding Art


Destiny has its own way of creating the forever bonds. Farooq and Sofiya’s love story started off with a “Hi” on Instagram. Farooq belongs to a small town in Gujarat, Vereval and believes in living life, king size whereas Sofiya, a full of life, chirpy girl based out of Mumbai is the daughter of a veteran film director. 28th February 2017 changed the lives of #Fariya forever. It was on this day that destiny combined people from two different backgrounds in a lifetime bond.



The Wedding Art understood their idea of a dreamy fairytale and did every bit to make it into a reality. #Fariya’s love story was an awe factor that propelled the best photographers in India to leave no stone unturned to give them memories to cherish throughout their lives.


The Wedding Art


So, if your wedding is scheduled for any time soon; book your dates with the Wedding Art ASAP to add ‘newness’ to the otherwise ordinary photoshoot and wedding album.


The Wedding Art



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