5 Themes For An Epic Mehendi Night

Make your Mehendi night one of its kind and doll up according to these themes. Dig into the blog to know more

Author: Alice | Updated: December 29, 2015 1:12 IST

One can never undermine the customary desi style of an Indian wedding. Imagine partying at a week’s stretch and still have the time to experience more hangovers. Mehendi and Sangeet are most vibrant of them all. So, it is only ideal that you plan it based on a theme and make room for innovation.
Make your Mehendi night one of its kind and doll up according to these themes. 

 1. Arabian Pakeeza Night

Imagine vibrant colours in a monochromatic sandy desert, lights glimmering through stained glass lamps. That’s the feel an Arabian-Pakeeza night would serve. Decorate the venue with quintessential Arabian props such as hookahs, colorful veils or, a mini spice bazaar. You can select Mediterranean cuisine to match your theme and teleport to a mystical trance. 

2. Bollywood Night

Ah! A cliché for your Mehendi/Sangeet - Imagine lights, camera, and action. All the guests dressed up in some classic Bollywood movie attire- Madhuri’s Blue saree from Hum Aapke Hain Kaun or Kareena’s salwar-kameez from Jab We Met. Level up a notch and celebrate the evening with the film feels. 

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 3. Countryside theme

Having seen this theme for a Mehendi celebration, in reality, I can give you my word for it. Imagine an earthy garden décor with birds in cages. Flowers accentuated with a wash of lights on them.
Nothing less than Juliet’s garden, where the couple would sit under a tree, on a wooden swing coiled with diyas. Lighter on the pocket, the best way to plan this is a farmhouse.  

4. Rajasthani theme

Shehnai and dholak playing in the background, authentic Rajasthani cuisine filling the air with its aromatic spices, stalls of colourful bangles, hair braiding your guests to wear and take them as unforgettable souvenirs.  

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5. Candid outdoor theme

In the midst of all the wedding shenanigans, the pretentious decors might get a little overwhelming. Thus, the simplicity of this theme can be quite a relief. What makes this theme much more fun is that you can incorporate a whole lot of other themes in it. Ideal for a day event with a limited guest list, you can have it the backyard of your house or the poolside of the hotel where your guests are staying. From the sensuous summery look and traditional sarees to clicking champagnes and beer pints, this Mehendi is upbeat of them all. 

Themed decors provide synchronisation in décor, provided they are done tastefully and authentically. Drop in a comment for more information on weddings and more. 

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