Want A Perfect Bridal Look? These 4 Steps Will Decode The Process For You

A closet full of clothes and shoes is what you think owns your style – wait till you graduate to get own bridal attire and trousseau. Dig into the blog to know more.

Author: Shreiyakhanna | Updated: December 17, 2015 11:31 IST

A closet full of clothes and shoes is what you think owns your style – wait till you graduate to get own bridal attire and trousseau. With a promising attempt to be more than just your usual how-to guidebook, we say if you have a creative intuition then explore it with us.
Fashion comes full circle after every decade. It’s like we are waiting for the pendulum to swing back for us to experiment with the fabric and nurture it with new stories. Today, brides should be audacious enough to experiment and be able to self-script their style while inculcating inspiration of their favourite designers. 


1. The designs of the yesteryear are back! 

Ace designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee have created a signature style that epitomises regal bride look – but an overdose of anything is plain corruption. It is important to understand what separates the Indian bridal look from the modern chic look. Its individuality perches on the poise of the indigenous and the chutzpah of the unconventional. ‘’Brides are now sporting a modern look whilst keeping their traditions intact’’, says nouveau designer Pooja Shroff.   Avoid mixing these two and devote your look entirely to one, as selected. 


2. Minimalist makeup!

Sum up your bridal look with minimal make-up. Don’t try too hard to look like one of the celebrities you saw in some movie or magazine. Eyes are your most expressive feature on the big day – use minimum contouring and just the right shades that match your attire. 

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3. Experimenting with colours!

Now is what we’d like to call the brave age of fusion. Go for pastel colors for secondary functions like your cocktail or sangeet.  As a couple, you don’t need to shy away from mix matching. Try turquoise and gold amalgamation or symphonize your look with Bordeaux this season.

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4. Bling of the bride! 

The intricately designed saree or lehenga is the dream wear of every Indian bride. No matter what color or how elegantly you doll up, you can always enhance your look by wearing the good old’ Indian bling. Statement necklaces or detachable jewelry, there is no dearth of uniquely designed jewelry now. Although a must-have for every bride as told by experts at Bridal Asia 2015 is a Maang Tikka or a side pasta.

All set to rock your ultimate bridal look? From your trousseau to expert tips, we’ve got your back. If you have any interesting tips to add, then drop us your comments.  

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