5 Things Every Indian Bride Is Sick Of Hearing


- Harini SV


Getting engaged and then married is supposed to be one of the most joyous and blissful time yet from the moment the girl gets engaged, everyone badgers her with a million question, which is fine we get that people are curious and excited but then comes along that stupid person who just cannot help themselves, they just have to open their big mouth to ruin all the happiness the soon to be bride is feeling. Scroll down to find things that the Indian brides are sick of hearing, which makes their blood boil with pure rage, if you have been on the receiving end of these, so sorry girl we get you! 


1. When are you planning to have kids?

Like seriously calm down woman, I’m not even married yet, let me live. Then comes the follow-up question of ‘Aren’t you worried it would be too late after all your biological clock is ticking?’ Seriously! If you don’t shut up, your life clock is about to stop ticking pretty soon.



2. Are you going to continue your job?

This one is on all those people who think that girls do not need a career and that they can do it as a pass time till they get married. WHAT THE HELL!! Are you for real!! How does that even make sense, career and personal life are completely different. -sigh-


3. Have you started your wedding diet?

*deep breaths* *calm down* *you can get through this*. This is just wrong on so many levels. WHY?! Why would you ever think that is an appropriate question to ask? Are you calling me fat?


4. Stop Stressing

Oh boy! You did not just go there, stop taking like STOP TALKING now. This has the same effect as telling someone to calm down when they are angry, you just do not do that and if you do not know why then you seriously got an issue buddy.




5. If I were getting married then I would do this…..

Well, darling are you the one getting married? *batting eyelashes* no right?! Everyone just loves to tell the bride what to do, we went to this wedding and blah…blah..blah..I really do not care! If I wanted your advice I would ask and the things you say make me feel doubtful and guilty.

Just remember your life is your own and don’t let what others say affect it.

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