10 Things Guests Hate About Indian Weddings

Who said Indian weddings are all about pomp and opulence? We understand all the grievances one has to endure during a wedding. But, why don't we just laugh it off and enjoy knowing all the mainstream issues that every guest hates about Indian weddings. Let's roll.

Author: Jessica Sharma | Updated: April 6, 2018 12:08 IST

Indian weddings are known for their style, grand decorations, traditions, customs and rituals. Everyone likes to dress to the nines and attend the 3-day grandeur. But still, there are some things we all hate about weddings and we can’t deny it.

So, we list down 10 things all guests hate about Indian weddings:


Inconvenient Locations

This is the most important aspect of a wedding. If the venue is far away from the city, be ready to hear some bizarre excuses from your friends, explaining to you why they can't be present at the wedding.




Over-Stretched Ceremonies

Nobody wants to attend long, never-ending ceremonies as they barely involve the guests and leave them with very little to do. The ribbon-cutting, vidaai and the joota chhupaai only amuse the close relatives of the bride and groom.




No Safe Parking

An authorised parking, which is near the venue is much appreciated rather than someplace which is a million km away from the venue and would require the women to remove those heels.




Never- ending Performances

The guests are not interested in watching performances of the couple’s cousins which last longer than Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s dance sequences. 




Late Baraat

The baraat never coming on time is such a bummer. People have meetings the next day and waiting for the groom till midnight will only irritate them.




Extravagant Expenses

Guests don’t like to see decorations or catering which are overpriced and extravagant. They automatically think it’s a competition and start imagining ways to outshine the host.




Loud Music

Not everyone likes to dance like there’s no tomorrow. A wedding is also a place where the guests meet long-lost friends and relatives with whom they’d like to have conversations.




Bad Accommodation

When the guests leave their work and come from a different city or a state to attend a wedding, they expect a place with basic amenities. They hate it when they are made to stay at a stuffed, cheap 2-star hotel room with no electricity half the time.





It’s a total let down for the guests when they are not able to wear their dress which they picked up a few months ago. Dress codes usually limit creativity and nobody wants to be bound by one colour.




Being Clicked While They Eat

The guests hate it when the pestering photographer comes and films them just when they sit down to eat. No one wants to see pictures of their awkward faces and how much they are eating.




Fellas, if you were a victim of any of these commotions, you have our sympathies. And, for all those who are planning a wedding, make sure you don’t miss out on these pointers or your ears will echo with your guests' non-stop grumble.


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