All You Need To Do To Be The Best Bridesmaid Ever!

Having a bridesmaid has always been a concept of the foreign land, nonetheless, Indian brides always have a default bridesmaid in her sister or a best friend. If your sister or bestie is getting married anytime soon, then scroll through.

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When it comes to weddings, Indian brides go hysterical right from the start, thinking about the wedding. Starting from the venue to the arrangements to the costumes, brides turn into bridezilla and that’s when her sister or best friend comes to the rescue. Thank God for that!  Have you also been chosen as a bridesmaid? One thing you have to realise is that your job has to start from the day the question was popped! Yes, you may have been the first one to know that she said yes but it also is a sign to start preparing right then.

You should be well-versed with the wedding timeline, the guest list and everything else important. Your responsibilities will vary, depending on what the bride asks you to do next. If you want to learn the tricks of the trade and don’t want to face the wrath of the bride, here is a list:



1. Bachelorette Party

Before the D-day of the bride, the last part with her girlfriends is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and gusto...the bachelorette party where there is no-holds-barred fun. It could be a theme party with wild ideas or any other fun or sweet naughty flavour. You have to fix a dress code (or no code), décor and a venue for the party. These things need to be planned well in advance to ensure availability of the venue and the guests. Trust us, she will cherish this as the last farewell and which will be great for some female bonding.





Shopping should be the most exciting part for a bridesmaid, apart from attending and planning the needs of the soon to-be-bride who has loads of shopping to do. Go lingerie shopping with her, advice her on what to pick out to look absolutely breathtaking. From trials to fittings to selecting the makeup artist, be a hands-on bridesmaid.




 3. Inviting Other Friends

The bridesmaids are designated to be by the side of the bride on her wedding day and help her plan the wedding. Invitations are one of the concerns as she would be too packed with the wedding preparations. Ease her out by distributing invitations to her friends so that she doesn’t lose out on time.




 4. Handle Her Social Accounts

Since the bride is super busy with her appointments with the beautician or hair therapist and what not, the time constraints do not allow her to be active on her social sites. Fill up as her social account holder and respond to all greetings or queries online.




 5. Calm Her

This is probably the most important job of a bridesmaid. The bride is the most stressed out person on the big day. She could be throwing big tantrums and turning crazy. It will require you to have huge patience to contain her frustration, fretting and fuming. Tell her that all is going great, look into the bright future ahead and have no fears. Practise an aisle walk and all that is to be done beforehand. You could even sneak in a drink or two with the help of a cousin to relax those nerves!




 6. Keep an Emergency Kit Ready

Carry a bag with all the essentials like travel-size makeup, her lipstick for touch-ups, loads of safety pins in case the hook of the choli acts funny. The bag that the bride carries becomes all important as it not only carries her necessary toiletries but also the shagun that gets heaped on her.  One needs to be super alert as the bags have a way of vanishing on such occasions.




The duties of a bridesmaid have become more demanding and you will feel pressurised at various occasions. But remember, your bestie or sister has all the rights to be unreasonable and you will have to be her pillar of strength. So keep these pointers in mind and be the best bridesmaid ever!


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