Top 5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing A Florist For Your Wedding Decor

Flowers are the most important element of wedding decor. They can uplift any venue with their intoxicating fragrance and vibrant beauty. Before zeroing in on a florist for your wedding day, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

Author: Harini | Updated: August 10, 2018 8:48 IST

A childhood memory, a romantic movie, a field of sunflowers- a lot of inspiration and cherished ideas go into planning your wedding. And when it comes to décor, it takes more than combining textures, colours and blooms in varied arrangements. Communicating with your wedding planner or the florist is essential to convey your likes, dislikes and vision, if you wish to go beyond the usual roses and daffodils.



Turning bloom into art is a task which requires long preparation in terms of availability and substitution of flowers. Flowers that are imported should be given at least a 2 months window ahead of the wedding week. Ideally, you should begin the process of booking vendors six months prior to the D-day. Sooner the better!


1. Update the vendors about the date, time (day or night ceremony), approximate guest count and most importantly location- temple, garden banquet or a gallery. Every venue inspires a different mood and setting for flowers and décor.


2. Be clear about your budget for the décor. The florist should be able to give you a good idea of what can be accomplished within your budget and offer advice and alternatives if your requests are unrealistic.


3. You can check online portfolios of the florists and vendors to get an idea of their work. Ask them to complement the décor with peonies and lilacs, which flatter the Victorian theme. Whereas, for a more traditional ceremony, you can go for Indian jasmine and marigold.


4. Experiment with blooms for the wedding garland. roses are passé and carnations in reds, pinks and whites have found their way into the not so heavy garlands. Marigold garlands are classic yet dapper.


5. Go for bigger flowers like dahlias, hydrangeas, peonies and orchids. Ask your florist to go creative by adding edible elements like fruits and chocolates within the flower installations. Berries and golden apples are some attractive centerpiece options when added to flowers. They cover more space and give an elegant gaze. Go big and go lush.



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