Things You Can Do On Your First Anniversary That Are Beyond Romantic

Celebrate the day you met your special someone who had righteously decided to take all you for life and still loves you.

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You might not think about this day now but it holds as much importance as your wedding day. The day you met your special someone who had righteously decided to take you for life and still loves you. 365 days of togetherness, awesome trips and mad nights calls for a massive celebration but instead of just throwing it away with family members, here’s what you can do together to strengthen the bond for even more love-filled years to come.

1. Enroll for a couples retreat  

There are a couple of exciting things you can do on your couples retreat like going for a relaxing spa together, set a fitness regime for each other, discover what the other person wants to explore after a year of successful marriage. You can also explore outdoor activities like river rafting, sky diving and much more. After all, who doesn’t like kick starting the adrenaline rush in their relationship again?


2. Unfold that bucket-list and travel

Your dream destinations are not going anywhere but the time is slipping away. First anniversary is the perfect time to pack your bags and travel to your favourite destination. Make it exciting by adding your partner’s wish list to the trip and give your relationship a new reason to live. 


3. Dress up and have a date night 

Book a resort or a beautiful tree house as per your liking on the outskirts of city and doll up for a memorable date night. Pop open a bottle of your favourite bubbly and take a walk down memory lane. After all, it is this romantic, quality time that acts like glue in holding your relationship together, well, besides consistent bantering.



4. Rewrite your vows 

It’s time to relive your vows and jot down some new ones for the years to come. Enough with the adjustments and compromises; live a life that you both had dreamt of. Scribble your emotions on a piece of paper and immerse yourself in a mission to find the secret behind a long-lasting happy married life.



5. Gift With Love 

Since every couple has their own little stories of happiness and inside jokes. Gift your partner something with more emotional value than just monetary pleasure. If you decide to buy a ring or a beautiful piece of jewellery, have it engraved with an original saying. If your partner loves adventure, take them out for an expedition of a lifetime.




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