Important Things Your Fiancé Probably Doesn't Know (But Should Know)

When they say, 'every true relationship is based on commitment and honesty,' they say it right!

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Mutual trust and respect are the foundations of a healthy relationship. A true relationship is based on commitment and honesty. You might think that concealing certain things from your fiancé will improve your relationship instead it will generate distrust and weaken your bond. These non-commit mental answers are the first step towards damaging your relationship.

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Sharing with your partner not only induces intimacy but also helps deepen the love and passion for each other. It is undoubtedly true that if you hide certain things in a relationship the going can get easier but in long term it is sure to have some negative consequences.


1. Your relationship history and preferences

It is really essential for both of you to discuss the number of partners you have been with in the past because it affects your well-being directly. Always keep your fiancé updated to prevent misunderstandings to settle in.


2. Communicate the conflicts

Disagreeing about every small issue, fighting over petty things and letting misunderstandings breed are some of the conflicts which are quite common in a relationship. But for a smooth sail ahead, you sure as hell need to work on those. For example; taking time with each other, understanding the issue and sorting them patiently.


3. Health concerns

People usually neglect sharing their medical history with their partners due to the fear of being rejected and at times judged. You need to through this fear out the door, trust your partner sharing every single detail with them because it not only concerns your health but also your fiancé’s wellbeing.


4. Expectations from the relationship

Before jumping into a relationship and taking the next step forward you need to get your priorities straight. Make your stance very clear about expectations from the relationship and what you expect from your partner.  You both need to have matching wavelengths regarding your views on kids and many other factors.


5. Career plans

Your significant other needs to know what your aspirations are. Be open about your future goals letting them know details about your education, career and most importantly family life. Also what are the steps that will ensure achievement of your goals? Sharing your plans with your fiancé will give you a sense of security and immense satisfaction.


6. Financial status

Your fiancé should be aware of your finances and also the way you really spend your money. They should know whether you are in debt or not and most importantly how much you make. You both need to be updated about each other’s financial position before joining your finances.


7. Need for personal space

Some people feel a very strong need to keep a part of their identities separate from their partners’ .This necessarily does not mean that your partner is alienating you. Specify your boundaries and tell your partner how much time you need for yourself, the amount of physical space you require and how you like to spend your free time.


8. Meeting people your fiancé dislikes

People are tempted to pursue things they are specifically told not to do. It’s basic human nature after all. Spending time with people your fiancé dislikes can lead to irrelevant misunderstanding between you two and can have negative consequences on your relationship.


9. Problems you face at work

You should not withhold such information from your fiancé that you think will impact the two of you. It will only hurt their feelings thinking that you somehow feel ashamed and hesitant with sharing your work thing with them.  Be frank about your problems and patiently discuss them so you can address the solution.


If there’s a chance to be true to each other for enhancing and strengthen your relationship, why not give it a try?

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