Throwing your best friend a bridal shower? Here’s everything you need to note!

We have for you some amazing tips that will make the bride-to-be’s celebration criminal-to-be missed. Dig into the blog to know more.

Author: Prarthanagrover | Updated: January 15, 2016 11:27 IST

The ultimate task of a maid of honour is to conquer how to not be a maid of dishonour. Whether you love to play the perfect hostess or are a completely lost soul when it comes to throwing parties. 



Having a theme doesn’t only make things easier but also shortens the list of options while keeping the whole affair classy. If you don’t want to take the stress of putting together an elaborate theme, just pick a colour combo, add loads of glitter, and voila! You’re good to go.



Food can make or break a party. Canapés are perfect to serve at a Bridal Shower; they are elegant and come without the threat of spoiling anybody’s clothes. A ricotta and peach mix on a shortbread biscuit is a delicious and pretty canapé to start with.



For visual appeal, and to fit into your convenience, place 4 or more pitchers of pre-mixed cocktails. This will save you the trouble of employing waiters and serving in individual glasses. Making a virgin as well as a spiked version of the same cocktail. Sangria is a great option.



Party favours or returns gifts are more than just gifts. They serve as souvenirs of a great party and a memorable day. Personalised favours such as engraved lockets or engraved initials on photo frames are a crowd pleaser.


Now that we have you all covered in the basics department, here are some ideas to take your party to the next level. 


- Get all the bride-to-be’s friends to sign a champagne bottle for her with love and wishes!

- Have all the guests narrate their favourite stories about the bride.

- Tie love quotes written from the bride’s favourite movies to balloons and let them hang around the room for a personal and romantic touch!

- Have a nail art bar and a makeup bar for all the guests and the bride to enjoy.

- Play a game for who knows the bride-to-be the best.

- Secretly assemble a wish list of all the things that the bride wants and send it out to the guests prior to the shower to make sure she gets all that she deserves.

- Click pictures with a Polaroid and assemble them in a scrapbook to be given to the bride at the end of the day! 

Now that you’re well equipped to be the best party planner in town, go ahead and start planning a smashing bridal shower! 


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