Trying To Lose Weight? These Are The Things You Should Never Eat!

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Shedding those extra kilos can be tough. Especially before your wedding, when the time is less and the pressure to fit into that designer lehenga is on its peak, losing onto even a few inches can be challenging. 

Every bride, during this time, consults endless fitness centres and dieticians but if you are consuming these seven items, that flab is going to get stubborn.

So, if you are the bride who is planning to go on an unhealthy crash diet in order to make her wedding album look good, try eliminating these foods from your diet and feel the difference. 


Frozen Meals 

Frozen meals have very high fat and iodine levels. If you are for a low-calorie frozen meal, it is very difficult to sustain for a long time. This ends in a craving for eating high-calorie snacks. 



Surprised? Well, salads, if eaten without any dressings, are great! But when goes in that mayonnaise and  south-west can kill it's health factor and add to your weight. 



If your diet contains a glass of fresh juice to be consumed daily, stop! Juice contains high levels of sugar and neither fresh nor packaged juice can help you in weight loss. 



Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, making it the second-most calorie-dense macronutrient. Alcohol is pure fat and should be avoided, especially by the brides struggling to lose those inches. 


Multi Grain Bread

Multi-grain breads look very healthy but what matters is the ingredients. Don't fall for those fancy nuts and grains on the surface but take care of the calorie and fat content. 


Sugar-Free Products

Sugar-free products should be strictly avoided by simply everyone as they do more harm than good. They can cause a bloating feeling and also indigestion. 


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