10 Thoughts Every Girl Goes Through When Her Elder Sister Gets Married

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No matter how much you and your elder sister fight over clothes, shoes, and makeup, you know she’s a piece of your heart and living without her is next to impossible. Not having her in the house feels incomplete even if it’s for a day and the thought of her getting married makes you experience mixed emotions.

Here are 10 such thoughts every younger sister goes through when her elder backbone gets married.


1. Who’s going to be my counselor?

Be it a tiff with a friend, fight with a boyfriend, tension in office or frustration with parents, you can discuss everything with your elder sister and she will come up with the best and most comforting solution for it.


2. Who will save me when I go for a night out?

Who will secretly open the door when I sneak out at night? Or who will lie to mom about me coming home on time when I actually entered at 4 a.m. drunk?


3. Who will get me water on order?

When I’m sitting glued to the television watching my favourite movie, who will get me water, coffee, popcorns that too when I order like a boss?


4. Who will lend me money when I’m broke?

The medium could be threatening or crying, an elder sister is the one who lends you money and never expects it back saving you from that long lecture every parent gives teaching how to value money.


5. Who is going to do my makeup?

Who is going to iron the back section of my hair or apply a winged liner or tell me if my makeup is looking cakey! Oh God, moms can never replace sisters when it comes to that.


6. Which clothes is she going to take along?

Now that is something you aren’t that sad about. You know she’s going to leave behind a lot of clothes, shoes, bags and makeup and it’s actually going to load your cupboard giving you a new outfit for office every day.



7. What am I gonna wear to her wedding?

Your sister’s wedding is one of the most awaited events in your life and you want to look your best. Planning and shopping is going to start atleast six months before her wedding and it is going to be one hectic event.


8. What are we going to do once she gets married?

Since you are now the aadhi ghar-waali, it’s going to be a fun phase. Tones of gifts from the Jiju and endless parties on every occasion, be it their first Diwali or first anniversary.


9. What would be my Joota Chhupaayi plan?

Joota Chhupaayi is one of the most exciting traditions and mind you, it needs a lot of planning and smart execution. Do you know who has to bear the load, the younger sister!


10. Am I next?

Now since your elder sister is already hitched, the thought of ‘am I next’ is inevitable!


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