Here's How To Make A Long Distance Marriage Successful

When you said “I do”, long distance marriage may not be what you had in mind.

Author: Harini | Updated: October 30, 2016 5:07 IST

When you said “I do”, long distance marriage may not be what you had in mind. Each couple needs to define their relationship,according to themselves, on their own terms, regardless of what is considered “normal “. It is the reality for many people. Whether due to deployment with the military, a company promotion or a family emergency, Long distance relationships can work - it just takes some effort and a whole lot of communication. Even if it is temporary, long distance marriage can be grueling. It may be tough but in the end, it has it's own surprises too. To keep your love alive and everlasting, below are some tips for navigating a long distance marriage! 


  • 1. Mail it

Mail each other hand - written love letters and winsome postcards. It shows that inspite of your busy schedule, you carve out sometime for your beloved and make an soulful effort to write them a letter. Writing a letter in this techno - savvy world may seem a little archaic, but it allows interactions beyond just words and emoticons.


2. Surprise visit

Visits are the focal feature of every long distance marriage. After missing out on all of the intimate little details like kissing, hugging, holding hands etc. which are quite common to other couples, these visits compensate for lack of these tiny little things. After all the waiting and yearning when you guys finally meet, it is extra special and memorable. Do you know the reason?  Why we love to hear random music? It's all about anticipation! If we get elated by a simple song, imagine the expression of your loved one on a surprise visit.


3. Share everything

Communicate, Communicate and Communicate! Don't hide anything. Marriages are built on teamwork, mutual respect,  a healthy dose of admiration and a never ending potion of love and grace. Share your problems with your loved one's and don't feel odd, as if you're burdening your partner with your problems. In this way, you make them feel special. Remember that “Sharing is Caring”!


4. Video calling

Use technology to your advantage, although it is said that stepping away from technology is an important thing to do in a relationship, it becomes significant, but in a totally different way when you use it in a long distance marriage. Use it for your benefit and schedule date nights because staring into each other's eyes and listening to each other's voices cab make everything endearing.


5. Always be interested in your partner's life

Know each other's schedules,it is always helpful to know what your partner is doing and how he/she are feeling? Try to communicate creatively, and regularly. As love is a reunion of two souls you must share everything. Managing LDM can put some extra strain on your relationship but little details are what matters in the end.


6. Impromptu gifts

Gift a personal object to your loved ones to hold on to. There is a certain power in a momento. Be it a small piece of jewelry, a mix tape or a bottle of fragrance. It is human nature to attach the meaning to little items found in our everday life, whether knowingly or not. By simply looking at these gifts, it creates an everlasting memory. Silly as it may sound but displaying gifts of your loved ones in a spot that is regularly in your field of view gives their reminder.


7. Loyalty

Be faithful, no one should have to remind you that you're married.  Stay honest to each other, talk about feeling of fear, insecurity, jealousy, apathy whatsoever. Don't try to deal with things all by yourself.  One good trick is by staying positive, by inducing positive energy into long distance marriage you can keep it alive.


Be spontaneous when showing your love!

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