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People travel for food, people hunt and kill for food; but is there anything you wouldn’t do for good food? In India, the cultural significance of food and cuisine is based on its unmatched diversity. From yummy vada pavs to sweetening jalebis, everyone loves to grub.
Since we have already entered the wedding season with a bang, keep a close look out for the delectable menus and quirky cuisines. If you are hosting a wedding in Delhi this time, then we have just the right list for you of caterers that’ll make your guests drool.


1. Blend Spice6, Delhi NCR

Serving customers for more than 22 years, Blend Spice6 is synonymous with fine catering. Consistent with their deliveries and wow factor, they always provide quality services.

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2. Eggjactly, Delhi NCR 

Unlike the name, Eggjactly is much more than just eggs. It’s a food truck that soon gained popularity in NCR due to its quick service and scrumptious meals. They also do weddings and will showcase a fresh experience for your guests this season.

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3. Food and soul, Delhi NCR

Their catering team offers a wide range of services that’ll make your wedding menu truly one of a kind this season. They also conceptualize themes and decorate the cuisine in various styles.

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4. Frugurpop, Delhi NCR

Caterers have been revolutionizing the way food is being served at weddings and experimenting with different cuisines. Frugurpop has made a grand entry by introducing its audience to icy desserts.

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5. Fossetta, Delhi NCR

In India, there is something for everyone. From the simmering bowl of butter chicken to the subtly decorated crabs, Fossetta serves delicious platters especially altered for wedding menus.

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6Good Food Concept, Delhi NCR

Indian weddings are quintessential parties in this country and so the bustle of music and food awaits us without fail. Calm down at that vivacious setting and enjoy a dollop of that chicken curry.

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7. Khurana Banquets, Delhi NCR

For every mood and style, this Delhi-based catering service will promise to take you on a gastronomical journey that you’d never forget. Gear up for some freshly made buffet and authentic luxury food experience. 

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8. Old World Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., Delhi NCR

Renowned for world famous hospitality and entertainment services, Old World Hospitality promises to cater to your every need. From hotels, restaurants, clubs and conventions to weddings – they provide one of the best services. All you have to do is give them the key to your ideation and the rest is done.

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9. What The Truck, Delhi NCR

Mobile food trucks or food caravans are rapidly catching up with the wedding trends this season. Without serving on a per plate scale, now let your guests savour their meals and the event at these modern food trucks.

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