Most Popular Places to Go on a Date in Mumbai

Be it the first date or the 15th anniversary, it’s time to ditch the idea of that conventional couple time in the mall and revive the love with a fresh ambience.

Author: Radhika Verma | Updated: August 25, 2016 5:53 IST

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There is something about Mumbai that makes almost everyone fall in love with it! Even though many of those who do not belong to the city, it’s street food, fancy malls and cafes, luxurious resorts and romantic beaches makes living in Mumbai a thrilling experience. With no dearth of options ideal for an outing, Mumbai also is the perfect place for a romantic date!

Be it the first date or the 15th anniversary, it’s time to ditch the idea of that conventional couple time in the mall and revive the love with a fresh ambience. To ensure the same, has 10 such locations you should head to the next time you wish to make it special for your partner


1. Snow World Mumbai, Phoenix Market City

A regular coffee or dinner date is a blatantly boring idea especially for couples who are sporty and adventurous. Away from the Mumbai heat, Snow World can promise you a short-lived illusion of experiencing snowfall holding hands with your significant other. Book your tickets online and reserve a romantic spot amidst the snow for the two of you.


2. AER Lounge, Four Seasons Hotel

Have you ever had the desire to see the whole of Mumbai in one glance? Well, AER Lounge located on the 34th floor of Four Seasons Hotel, Worli covering the entire roof of this hotel can make that come true. Even though it is a posh rooftop restaurant, you can always visit it during monsoon season as it adorns a canopy and windscreen.


3. NCPA, Nariman Point

The National Centre for the Performing Arts is a place which isn’t expected to be a part of this list but why not! You two could be theatre lovers or music addicts or performers yourself which makes NCPA the classic date location for you.


4. Gadda Da Vida – Novotel 

How does the idea of sitting in a luxurious ambience right beside the water, sipping onto some wine and enjoying the natural gleam of the fading sunrays sound? Well, for us that would be a dream date come true! If you had a similar setup in mind, Gadda Da Vida is the right place to call for reservations.


5. Rainforest, CBD Belapur

Called the wild place to shop and eat, Rainforest is forest themed lounge which definitely is one of a kind. Especially if your partner is not a Mumbai resident, taking him/her to this place will definitely be a wild yet pleasant surprise. Also, the food served by the trained chefs of Rainforest never fails to amaze!


6. Bandstand Promenade

Are long walks and long talks your thing? It’s time to get to know your partner better while taking a stroll at the Bandstand Promenade. A popular jogging track, this sea-side walkway can help you unwind and bring the two of you to bond in a better way. 


7. Karnala Fort

Commonly known as the Funnel Hill, Karnala Fort is located in the Karnala Bird Sanctuary and bonding with nature does not get any better than here. Along with being a popular historic destination for hiking and sight-seeing, some great selfies are definitely coming your way if you plan a date to Karnala Fort.



8. The Machan Resort, Lonavla

Are you two nature lovers who have fallen in love? Well, the Machan Resort in Lonavla is your dream destination without giving a second thought. This eco-friendly resort with unique tree houses runs on sustainable resources and you will want to simply stay here forever! 


9. Arnala Beach 

In a list which states the best date locations of Mumbai, how could we skip a beach resort? Arnala Beach for a date is a clean and calm option away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Mumbai life. It also has a couple of beach resorts such as Arnala Beach Resort, water parks, gyms, spas and much more.


10. Madh Island

If you really wish to spend some quality time together in the vicinity of fresh air and greenery, Madh Isalnd which has Madh Fort, Madh Church and beautiful shacks can engage you at least for 2-3 days. Hotels such as the Retreat can also be a great option.


So get set to experience a date totally out of the box yet memorable.

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