Top 5 Summer Skincare Products For Brides

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 -  Sumanya Sehgal

It is the 22nd of March and we are experiencing the dread of heat waves already. Thinking about what is going to happen in the coming month of May and June just makes us run scared. But since we need to get up and work and shop for our wedding *winks* we need to come out of all of these summer problems as a warrior. The need of the hour is to protect ourselves from the harmful sun rays which are not only going to make us tanned but also can lead to many skin changes. Since to-be-brides need to take extensive care of their skin, brings a list of skincare products that can be used to protect us from the heat.


Well, it is not just winters that need moisturizers for your dry skin but summers as well. It is extremely important to keep your skin hydrated when you go under the sun. The moisturizers should be a part of your normal skincare regime as well. Moisturizers are a must be it winters or summers and you just cannot skip it.


Remember you are going out in summers under the hot sun to do your work and you are not just asking, you are working. Your skin is exposed to the sun continuously if you are working in a field or you are walking down the lane. Continuous exposure to the sun is doing constant skin changes and harms. To escape this extremely harmful condition is to leave your home after applying a lotion that has SPF of 15 and higher on all of the to-be-exposed areas of your skin. This helps your skin to remain unharmed and protected from the harmful UV radiations. Now, you can bask, work and shop freely.


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We get involved in protecting our skin so much that we lose out to protect those chapped lips. It is always advisable to apply a lip balm to protect your lips from harmful conditions. In summers, it can be any of your favorite lip balms but just don’t forget to apply it.


Well, who needs an introduction to a sunscreen. Never step out of your house without applying a sunscreen. You can go for any sunscreen of your choice but its application is a must. It has multiple benefits like protects from harmful UV radiations, protects your skin from getting tanned and much more.
Sunscreen is a big yes-yes.


MultaniMittiis an excellent cleanser and is a must for your summer skin care regime. It has benefits in healing the dark spots, takes action against dead cells and washes out of the skin all the impurities.

It is very important to get consulted with a dermatologist if you are facing major skin problems since the doctors know better remedies and cures.
If you have better skin care products available at your place and you are in love with them, let us know in the comment section below.

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