Top Vendors In Delhi You Should Shortlist For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding ain’t easy. Right after that momentary excitement, the very next moment we are overwhelmed by the amount of tasks and preparations which it requires.

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Planning a wedding ain’t easy. Right after that momentary excitement, the very next moment we are overwhelmed by the amount of tasks and preparations which it requires. There are end number of things you need to check off your list before finally settling down and sipping on that tasty cold drink on the wedding day. To make sure that every piece falls in the right place, Bandbaajaa has done the legwork to make this day super special for you. 



There is no dearth of amazing venues in and around Delhi. Whether it is an intimate affair or an extravagant wedding, make sure the venue you pick is convenient for you in every way. Keep a budget planner in hand and book away! 

1. Taj Palace, Delhi 
When stories are weaved in grandeur and comfort, Taj happens. Make your wedding day as classy as possible only at Taj Palace that personifies luxury in its entirety. Plan your dream wedding at Taj, located in one of the poshest colonies in Delhi.

2. The Leela Kempinski, Delhi NCR 
Magnificence happens when served with exceptional hospitality that is so divine, it's hard to resist. At the Leela, you’ll experience a grand time and make beautiful memories for your life. Shortlist this place for the wedding week and let them take care of the planning. 

3. Dusit Devarana, Delhi NCR 
Dusit represents quintessential calm and solace – nestled on the outskirts of the chaotic cityscape. Plan an extraordinary wedding where you can celebrate the best moments of your life in style.

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An invitation card is not only the beginning of a new celebration, but it also showcases what kind of a wedding the couple will have. Nowadays, one can opt for designs that are quirky and contemporary or traditional and stylish. You can also get your cards customized. Take a look at these card designers located in Delhi.

1. Ravish Kapoor, Delhi NCR
As one of the best wedding invitation card designers in India, Kapoor’s style is personalized and aims for aesthetic excellence. When shortlisting card designers in Delhi, don’t forget to fix up a meeting at his studio.

2. Mystikos Creations, Delhi NCR
A memory for the happy couple and a souvenir for the guests, wedding invites created by Mystikos demonstrate art in its own way. Opt for quirky cut out cards or boxed cards this season.

3. Jalebi Art Invitations, Delhi NCR
Known as one of the best wedding card designers in Delhi’s Chawri Bazar, Jalebi art invitations have their peculiar style of customizing cards. Their signature style aims for sophistication and simplicity.

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Even though in India we feel that because of our inherent luck of having relatives scattered like seeds in a field, everyone thinks they can plan your wedding. But it’s crucial to hire a planner as they save both your time and money. Check out top wedding planners in Delhi.

1. L’amore Weddings, Delhi NCR
Have a dream wedding in mind? Be a realist and hire one of the best wedding planners in the city. L’amore will you’re your ideas and concepts the perfect shape and frame it with unforgettable memories. 

2. Mango Production, Delhi NCR
These wedding planners promise to bridge the gap between local and destination weddings. Their work is celebrated in different countries and leaves people in awe with own exclusivity.

3. The Wedding Spell, Delhi NCR 
The wedding spell’s ideation is something they take a proud stand for. From your venue and accommodation to photographers and decoration, they take care of everything in your carefully jotted checklist.

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A day before the wedding, Mehendi is applied and celebrated by every female in the house of marriage. Not only does it is an important ritual in Indian weddings, but it also accentuates the glow and beauty of the bride-to-be. Check out these popular Mehendi artists in Delhi.

1. Ranvir Mehendi wala, Delhi NCR 
Always motivated to create new designs, Ranvir Mehendi wala does custom designs more as their expertise and interests lie in forming new art using henna.

2. Raju Mehendi Arts, Delhi NCR 
Playing a pro in the Mehendi industry, Raju Mehendi wala has been designing since 1998. His designs and artwork are always in demand by the modern brides.

3. Anil Mehendi, Delhi NCR 
With unique patterns and latest designs, Anil Mehendi creates beautifully work with intricate markings. From figure and traditional to Arabic themed tattoos, they do it all. 

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Bound by all the hectic preparations and blessing showering like hailstorm - Indian weddings in no time become a gastronomical paradise. A safe excuse for the guests too from the embarrassing dance moments, hire the best caterers in Delhi for a flavoursome night.

1. The Kitchen Art Co, Delhi NCR 
Immerse in the luxury of thick gravy and juicy desserts only with the Kitchen Art Co. From preparing the entire menu to a fine-dining experience, they deliver a complete feeling beyond expectations.

2. Old World Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., Delhi NCR 
One of the best in the world of hospitality and services, Old World Hospitality Pvt. Ltd has carved a niche for themselves. From any event or your entire wedding week, shortlist them now.

3. Blend Spice 6, Delhi NCR 
After devoting more than 22 years in the hospitality industry with fine service, Blend spice 6 still doesn’t fail to surprise you. With innovative ideas and unconventional settings, they are one of the best in Delhi.

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A typical Indian wedding’s idea of fun is synonymous with mad dance moves and music that creates rage. What’s alcohol when you can really just gyrate along the tipsy strobe lights on the dance floor? Check out these popular choreographers in Delhi.

1. Shaadi Choreography, Delhi NCR 
One of the best in Delhi, Shaadi Choreography teaches synchronized dance wedding performances. Pick any style, or customize it yourself for peppy dance numbers.

2. Step Craft Dance Company, Delhi NCR 
This professional academy is best known for their western performances. Since weddings and special ceremonies are all about having fun, they make sure you have a gala time while you are still signed with them.

3. Beyond Routine, Delhi NCR
Using dance as a form of socializing, this dance institute was started by three passionate women. At Beyond Routine, celebrations become a medium to create crazy memories.

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If you’re willing to spend a moolah, why not do it in uber style? Book a classic vintage or a chic Rolls Royce for a glamorous entry that’ll fuel up your guests with irreplaceable envy. Let luxury speak for you this wedding season.

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Now that everyone owns a smartphone that comes with great camera quality. Click away and make memories. But these wedding photographers based out of Delhi will make the job easier and result much better for your wedding album.

1. Going Bananas Photography, Delhi NCR 
Big on love and high on neat editing, Going Bananas is a team of two very talented people who are passionate about framing moments in beautifully diverse contrasts.

2. Bhumi & Simran Photography, Delhi NCR 
One of most talked about photographers in Delhi, Bhumi and Simran became popular in no time whilst covering wedding shoots. Their neat portrait work is candid and expressive.

3. Our Wedding Chapter, Delhi NCR 
As you decide to write new experiences to your book of life, our wedding chapter will be there to provide you with extraordinary images. Bookmark them to your favourite wedding photographer list now. 

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Nothing can beat your original defining style statement, but if you want to up your oomph game this wedding season, then these makeup artists will help you alter new looks.

1. The Vidya Tikari Studio, Delhi NCR 
Her name now shines in the field of makeup and hairstyling. From applying makeup on over 9000 professionals at Commonwealth games 2010, which got her name imprinted in the Limca book of records 2011 to her first Formula 1 grand Prix. Tikari’s clientele and her work both are equally exclusive. 

2. Style Studio by Shalini Singh, Delhi NCR 
As a leading makeup artist in India, Shalini Singh has carved her name in the magical books of makeup professionals. From established fashion designers to tinsel town biggies, her work gets recognized. 

3. Anu Kaushik, Delhi NCR
If there was an insider beauty expert, it is Anu Kaushik. After gaining experience and mastering the art of makeup and hairstyling, her twenty-five years of work has paid off very well. Now she works for renowned fashion designers and Bollywood directors.

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Somewhere we know that the venue might not be as important as the décor. That’s why a wedding house or hotel has to be decorated with precision whilst maintaining your personal touch. 

1. Theme Weavers International Pvt. Ltd, Delhi NCR 
Theme weavers believe in conceptualizing innovative and upbeat designs for wedding décor. You can also get your mandap and surrounding settings customized, but listen to the pros when you want the work done right.

2. Luxury Weddings by Abhishek, Delhi NCR 
Love floral decorations and funky ambience? Abhishek Kaushik has been designing the décor for weddings and other special events for over six years now and his signature style is loved by almost every bride in the city.

3. Devika Narain Company, Delhi NCR 
Narain and most brides would share this idea that weddings should be bespoke in every sense of the word. For her, styling an event is one of the most crucial things you should do to create good vibes for the guests and make the party a hit affair.

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Grooming for the happy couple is crucial. No one wants to look overweight or dull in their wedding images and that’s when the most popular beauty and wellness clinics come in the making.

1. Nutrition & Wellness, Delhi NCR 
This Delhi-based organization swears by the motto of a revolutionary change in the personality of an individual. Say cheerios to all your skin woes.

2. Kyna, Delhi NCR 
When it comes to skin, curing it with customized techniques is the best way because every individual deal with different skin problems. Kyna will do just the same thing for you. 

3. Clinic Dermatech, Delhi NCR 
One of the best in Delhi in cosmetic dermatology, Clinic Dermatech promises to take you through a rejuvenating journey of the mind and body. From body sculpting to laser aesthetics, they design everything for a new look each time.

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No one likes a grand event gone dull and definitely not when it’s an Indian wedding. Level up with your shenanigans this wedding season with the most popular DJs and entertainers in Delhi. 

1. Midival Punditz, Delhi NCR

Who’d know how the rock a Delhi party better than these two Delhiites. Gaurav and Tapan became the first electronic act from India to gain International fame.

2. Karsh Kale, Delhi NCR
Kale is a New York-based musician, producer and collaborator all woven in one. He is known as the master curator of music owing to his ability to create music from diverse backgrounds.

3. Badshah, Delhi NCR
Badshah in no time has become our ultimate go-to option for some quirky desi beats. Who needs electro when we have already learnt to groove on Bollywood-Punjabi music.

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From Mehendi’s dholki Jugalbandi to baraati's peppy band-wale, Indian weddings are all about colours and effervescent ambience. Make the best of it while you’re still at one. Check out top Bands and Dhols wala in Delhi. 

1. Chawla Band, Delhi NCR
Take your juttis off and dance along for a merry night with one of the oldest baraat bands in Delhi. Chawla band has worked on their rhythm only to sync with the people’s demands.

2. Shiv Mohan Band, Delhi NCR
Shiv Mohan band has gained enough accolades for their extraordinary performances at weddings and other special events.

3. Bhoop Singh Dhol wala, Delhi NCR
Established by Mr. Bhoop Singh in 1963, the band consists of more than 100 musicians. Their expertise lies in a flawless performance.

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