See Which Invitation Designs Are Trending This Wedding Season

Take a look at the best wedding invitation designs of the year 2018. These unique invitations are just the ones you need to invite the town in style.

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Be it a traditional Indian wedding or a contemporary beach wedding, invitation cards roll open the red carpet to the grand celebrations of your wedding. Bespoke wedding invitation designers help unfurl an aura of elegance, warmth and love just before your special day. Unique invitations designed by them are just the ones you need to invite your near and dear ones for your wedding, in style. These designer invitations are personalised to suit your specific requirements.


Golden-inked paper-made invitation cards are just so last year. In order to add the current year’s newness and freshness to your special day's invitations, take a look at these chic and unique wedding invitation designs.


• Sculpted Wedding Invites:

This sculpted miniature ‘doli’ design brings out the richness of Indian wedding rituals and adds a tinge of “newness” to the D-day invites. With pearl and cut dana detailing on the outside and as hangings to create a window-like precision, the doli miniature is a one-of-its-kind invitation design to match your idea of a ‘hatke’ wedding. In addition, the red-tinted beaded hanging is enough to steal the show.


This wedding invitation design is by Lovely Imaginations.

Lovely Imaginations


Jali Pattern Boxed Invites:

With all the wedding ceremonies’ details edged on the sides of the box using the intricate jali design and a sweet box placed on the side, a jali pattern boxed invitation card design is just the pick for your wedding. The jali pattern on the sides enhances the artistic appeal of the design. Also, with a marble Lord Ganesha’s sculpture mounted in the centre of the piece, the invitation design holds back its traditional touch.


This wedding invitation design is by Ravish Kapoor Invitations.

Lovely Imaginations


• Floral Invites:

Flowers themed wedding invites roll open the freshness of vibrant flowers that provide a soothing aura. A floral invitation mounted on a carved wooden piece is the latest trend. The design is both visually and aesthetically pleasing. The pulsating vibe of the leafy flowers is enough to set both a summer and springtime wedding mood.


This wedding invitation design is by CreateAflutter.

Lovely Imaginations


• Paper-Crafted Invites:

Invite the town in style with this geometrically paper-crafted happiness. A little calligraphy at the top and paper-cuttings expressing your thoughts is what you need to invite your loved ones to your wedding functions. A small watch at the side with popped-up flowers to add finesse, this wedding invitation is the perfect amalgamation of powerful and virtually pleasing design elements.


This wedding invitation design is by A Colourful Affair.

Lovely Imaginations


So, if you are on a lookout for that perfect, never-seen-before wedding invitation design, take your cue from here. 



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