The Ugly Truth About Planning An Indian Wedding No One Tells You

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Overflowing with diverse cultures and traditions; India quietly sits behind the curtains of anomaly where beautiful oddity emerges in its most vibrant form. It is here that a bride’s right to unapologetic swag is of as much importance as the Bollywood cult. Weddings in India have always been an interesting part of the culture for the world to decode and get access to some of the most breathtaking stories.  We know what might change after generations, but not the traditions of a conventional Indian wedding. 
Here’s a 12-pointer toast to nostalgia and all the crazy wedding moments.


1. Indian wedding fiesta is a long process – better start planning a year prior to your big day. 


2. It is exhausting - cross my heart and I hope to die, as I say this. This process is going to make you sweat and bleed till the couple finally checks into their hotel room post wedding. 


3. Play a market researcher all you want, the wedding industry will suck you right in and it ain’t pretty.


4. Schedule your dress fitting appointments thrice a week. Because, food. Your relatives won’t keep calm till you eat all the sweets soaked in desi ghee.


5. Don’t expect too much from your girlfriends when they say there’s going to be a bachelorette party – you ain’t going to Vegas because chances are that you’ll be sucking on dry cocktails at some shack in Goa.


6. Terms like chic, classy or royal are highly subjective – make sure you explain the theme and the décor to the venue management, precisely.


7. Brides! You can’t afford to get drunk or look hung-over, so better start detoxifying.


8. Schedule your parlor and spa appointments very carefully. You don’t want to saunter around looking like a shady bride with a mustache.


9. Movie-inspired or ramp-inspired wedding dress ideas are unrealistic. Stick with either designer wear or simple, yet classy look.


10. Kids! Make sure you have activities galore to keep them occupied and stay out of your business.


11. Honeymoon packing will be painful.


12. There will be moments when you’ll realize just how dysfunctional your family really is, everyone has an opinion and you must stick to yours.


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