7 Types Of Indian Brides All Of Us Can Relate To

Indian brides are known for their emotional drama, tantrums and ofcourse beauty! Dig into the blog to find out the 7 typical types of Indian brides.

Author: alice | Updated: December 13, 2015 6:49 IST

The Seven Wonders

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single Indian man in possession of a good fortune shall be flooded with marriage proposals. With every mother eyeing this desi version of Mr. Bingley for their daughters, there is no dearth of the perfect marriage material (read typical sati savitri material) for him. Here are seven kinds of girls you encounter in an arranged marriage -


The Bad Teacher

Are you a virgin? Do you smoke and drink? Are you straight? What car do you drive? Are you on Tinder? Do you even lift? Do you even Bollywood? Are you friends with Pooja on Facebook? Do you go clubbing? How often do your relatives visit you? OK can you solve this riddle? Brace yourselves. She will literally slay you with her questions!



The Gold Digger

Irrespective of your Delhi belly and your poor language skills (read broken English), she is truly madly deeply in love with you once she knows that you put up at Sainik Farms and drive an Audi Q5!


She is the one


She is attractive, successful and most importantly compatible in every sense. She loves Coldplay and has watched the entire Star Wars saga. You both share a mutual love for traveling and adventurous sports. Dream girl ain’t she? There are more chances that she will reject you!


Devil Wears Prada

Bore somebody else with your questions because she is the no-nonsense woman who is successful, career oriented and bossy.  She apparently doesn’t need you or your money but she doesn’t mind gaining some profits via mutual business agreements, aka marriage. 




 Think Hum Aapke Hain Kaun! The girl serves you and your family adrak ki chai with samosas. She has mastered the art of cooking with 16 cuisines, can babysit you entire family, decent to look at, holds a master's degree and very obedient and homely. After marriage, you can picture her with 8 arms holding ladles, pans, brooms, scrubs, baby toys, shopping bag, babies, and remote. Most Indian families find the ideal bahu in her. Bonus point - She brings ample gifts (read dowry)!



The girl next door

This coy looking girl clad in kurta and jeans seems harmless and her parents’ boast of the above-mentioned all-rounder qualities. You decide to meet her in private but she shocks you once she opens her mouth. She is ambitious, well-read and dreams to fulfill her desires.



The silent knight

This girl is simply not interested in getting married but she decides to meet because she has been forced by her family obviously. She doesn’t utter a single word, keeps fiddling with her phone, and is more into food than knowing you. She might even request you to reject her because she has a boyfriend/girlfriend.




So which one are you?credits- Tumblr and Buzzfeed Image


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    Useless, nonsensical post. This objectifies women.
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