10 Unique Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

Something special for your valentine.

Author: Radhika Verma | Updated: January 26, 2017 8:39 IST
- Sumanya Sehgal

All of us need a little pampering by the one we love, be it through doing over the top kind of things or just a small present on Valentines. True it is that, we do not really need to go overboard when small yet precious gifts can do wonders. And bandbaajaa.com brings for you a collection of such startling gift ideas for valentines this season. 


For your Lady Love

1. A Cotton Stitched Printed Kurta

Confused as to what to present your partner on an occasion like valentines, then you must pick this amazingly stitched cotton kurta in colour light blue. Well, a beautiful gift gifted by someone special has all the power in the world to bring that perfect curve on your face, and leave you speechless and this is one of those gifts. 


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2. Ethnic pink and silver brass necklace

A perfectly crafted jewellery never disappoints to bring a moment of sheer joy in the lives of your loved ones. You can go for anything as a gift but the utter happiness that a girl experiences by getting some really voguish and traditional jewellery at the same time is irreplaceable.


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3. Green Envy Drops Earrings

How about gifting this pair of amazing green coloured drop earrings on this valentines? An elegant traditional attire with these all the more beautiful earrings alongside some really subtle makeup are all that you need to rock that sophisticated yet catchy look.


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4. Black Leather Potli with Zardoz

If you are planning to gift something out of the box and happening then, you should definitely go for potlis like the displayed black leather potli. Not only are these stylish but can be used at different occasions also so, they are worth a buy. Potli serves to be an appropriate gift for your valentine.


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5. Trendy Footwear

Well, footwear has a very important role in enhancing our overall appearance, but it should not be any normal looking footwear. This silk embroidered footwear proves to be the right choice for your partner as it is eye catchy and affordable too. You can easily carry this footwear with a smart punjabi attire.


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For Your Super Hero

1. Dapper Tuxedos

Who said that there is not a wide range of options available to gift men? These cotton line Nehru jackets prove to be the ultimate gift for your loved ones. Not only are these appealing to our eyes but are equally comfortable. 


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2. Silk Ties

Have a look at this modish elephant patterned silk tie, we are sure that you are going to fall head over heels for it. So, a patterned silk tie can also be one of the gifts to present to your valentine.

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3. Pistol Lapel Pin

Planning to give something different, Pistol Pin is the right choice. You can undoubtedly go for this golden pistol pin as a gift to your valentine. 

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4. Pocket Square

Pocket Square is the smartest choice to gift your partner. It is not only stylish but it definitely adds to your overall personality. Thus, a pocket square should be considered as one of the gifts for your valentine.

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5. Wrist Watch

A wrist watch is the evergreen, subtle gift for men. These watches are affordable, worthy and super cool to wear and can also be worn on a daily basis.


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So, bandbaajaa.com provides with quite a snappy ideas of gifts that can be presented this valentine to your loved one.  And if you decide wisely, we act smartly.


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