Skip the Solitaire And Choose These Beautiful Stones For Your Wedding Ring

There is definitely more to rocks than diamonds, the lesser known stones out there vying for attention. Read on to know more.

Author: Nidhibakhru | Updated: August 11, 2017 12:34 IST

Isn’t this every girls dream come true- Past the Cinderella hour, being secretly whisked to a picture perfect location? Lavender candles and fairy lights twinkle in the backdrop as he pops the eternal question on his knees. And there it is, in a dainty Tiffany box sits a stunning black diamond ring.

Why no solitaire, you ask. Cause the black diamond is as exclusive as anything. From the Duchess of Cambrige to Penelope cruz who have been spotted with antique rings prove that being contemporary does not necessarily mean being is at odds with being traditional. The modern bride knows her cuts from Princess to Asscher.


Back in the 20’s the De Beers Company spurred the biggest ode and cliché’s dedicated to diamonds, and ever since the slogan- A diamond is forever, is still in exercise. While the engagement ring is definitely not the place to make a fashion statement but the preference has shifted towards rare colored stones.

They say if you like it you put a ring on it, so choose from a mine of options- a black diamond, yellow diamond, blue sapphires or a natural Zambian emerald. Options like tanzanite – a purplish color stone from Tanzania- makes for an unlikely choice. Ishu Datwani from Anmol jewelers believes, “For people who want to play safe, solitaire becomes their choice. Colored stone rings are an exception rather than the rule. Rings with smaller diamonds can be a deceptive to a huge solitaire is another option. Cocktail rings are trending huge now.

And the appreciation value? He further adds,-“The appreciation value for emerald has appreciated to three times in the few years, diamonds not much.”

Naman Goel from Birdhichand Ghanshayamdas  Jewellers Jaipur doesn’t agree that the solitaire has been done to death. He believes that the Solitaire is timeless and will always be in fashion. “If someone wants to go for something out of the box then there are a slew of options to choose from -designer rings using different colored stones, diamonds, and different cuts of diamonds. Nowadays we are using old gold Kundan cut diamond which give a very ethnic and heritage look to the wedding rings.”

There is definitely more to rocks than diamonds, the lesser known stones out there vying for attention. Shop the link in our bio. Image source-Flickr, Farah Khan Fine Jewellery


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