4 Unusual Ways You Can Use Your Wedding Photos To Decorate Your Home

Here are some useful tricks you could employ to ensure that your wedding photographs do not lose their charm over the years. Dig into the blog to know more.

Author: Sumanyasehgal | Updated: December 28, 2015 10:29 IST

A wedding is a reservoir of memorable moments with a medley of emotions brimming in the hearts of the bride and the groom alike. The feeling of achieving this milestone in life is incomparable. The exhilaration of sharing your life with your soul mate, the elation of starting a new chapter of your adult life, the bliss of parenthood- it all stems from the momentous event of your marriage. Thus, it becomes absolutely imperative to not let the beautiful wedding memories fade away into blurry recollections of the past, over the passage of time. 

It’s time to get creative and infuse these photographs with the décor of your home. Here are some useful tricks you could employ to ensure that your wedding photographs do not lose their charm over the years, and become a part of the ambience of your home in a significant yet unobtrusive way.


Frame the candid moments as well as the photographs that you have impeccably posed for. Let the people who matter to you make an appearance on the ‘Wall of love’ instead of letting it be a space dominated by just the bride and the groom. Create a rich variety of frames in terms of size, colour and texture, and uphold the synergy between the pictures by letting them interact with each other. ‘The wall of love’ is a reliable way to ensure that your wedding images don’t just remain within the confines of a shackling photograph album, rather get incorporated in the aesthetics of your home.

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An exciting way to infuse your wedding photographs with the décor of your home is by donning the creative hat and spending a day or two at the crafts table. One of the many ways to do this is by creating a montage of wedding photographs. This technique can be used in various permutations and combinations. Not only will it help in embellishing your home in the most unique of ways, it will also be a thoroughly enjoyable activity for a newly wed couple to perform together. 


Another way to use images from your wedding day and display them is by creating a montage of images within an attractive frame. You can use elements such as rope and paper clips to finish off this whacky setup. This unconventional piece of décor will definitely pique the interest of the viewers and earn you appreciation.

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An interesting way of displaying your wedding pictures is by pasting them on a lampshade and designing the lampshade according to your whims and fancies. The size of the lampshade can be manipulated accordingly. It is an imaginative way to put together your wedding album, and needless to say, it is bound to light up the environment with its cheerfulness.

Let’s not hide the charm of keeping memories alive. 


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