A Very Gatsby Affair - Vintage Cars For A Badass Groom's Entry

Allow me to introduce you to the perks of having a great wedding affair.

Author: Radhika Verma | Updated: January 22, 2016 12:37 IST

Allow me to introduce you to the perks of having a great wedding affair. To begin with, the groom can ditch the jaded ritual of riding a horse. Instead, embrace the modern age persona of prince charming while arriving in an old school style. In other words, in today’s consumer-driven society one can easily materialize their dream of riding a vintage car by simply hiring one for a day or even more. Many automobile companies are renting out fancy models of cars dating back to the 50s and even 20s. The only thing that you'll be required to do is make the bookings. 



Why book a vintage car?

To begin with, vintage cars hailing from a bygone era would add an aristocratic and grandiose charm to the wedding. It would make head turns and receive nods of approval by all. It is only fair that the groom feels like a princess on his way to pick up his princess. But the bigger question perhaps might be of the budget. Some of these can be rented for 40k with prices going up to 2 lacs. Depending on your budget you can indulge in this little dream without necessarily breaking your bank!


Things to keep in mind when you make the bookings



First and foremost, read up on the reviews to get a general idea about the reputation of the rental company, and make a few calls to double check that your money doesn’t go to waste. You do not want to have a bitter experience on the day of your wedding for the lack of competence so ensure that the rental company is well trusted and has good reviews by previous clients and customers.



Make sure you book your dream ride as early as possible to avoid any last minute issues. Perhaps you would like to ride a certain model from a specific rental company. Waiting on your dream could often mean you’d have to give them up so call in to make bookings as soon as possible.



Also, very importantly, inspect the model beforehand to ensure there are no technical faults or any aesthetic compromises. It is only better to double-check everything than to have an emotional carnage on your big day.


The Right Car for You

You could feel a little dazed and confused when provided with the options to choose from in case you do not necessarily have much knowledge about vintage cars. The color options wouldn’t be that many but you could choose something that matches the theme of your wedding. For instance, if you plan on having a classic and elegant wedding, you could opt for the usual black. These cars are usually chauffeur-driven so you wouldn’t possibly be allowed to drive by yourself. Also, most of these cars are only two-seaters so if you plan on having a group of attendees then book extra cars for them to follow suit.
Some of the fascinating and grand models of the vintage collection to choose from and our personal favorites include Buick special, Rolls Royce, Ford Model B and Chrysler CM 6.

Jump on the classy bandwagon for an epic entry!

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