Watch Video: VJ Bani Says ‘I Love You’ To Beau Through An Adorable Video

VJ Bani Judge and Yuvraj Thakur make an adorable couple and leave no chance of expressing their love for each other through their Instagram handles. In this connection, Bani has just posted an adorable boomerang video of the two with a really cute caption beneath it. Read the blog to know more about them.

Author: Radhika Verma | Updated: October 11, 2017 11:24 IST

Ever since Bigg Boss Season 10 had begun, Bani J had been in the spotlight for every reason - whether it be because of the friendship she shared with Gaurav Chopra or the cat-fight she had with Lopamudra Raut. She was also in the news for the rumors that came up in connection to the relationship she shared with Yuvraj Thakur. 


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Since the time she revealed her love for Yuvraj, she leaves no opportunity to express her love towards him. She keeps updating her fans about all the cute moments they share together through her official Instagram handle. There were even rumors regarding the fact that the duo had parted ways but they were all false. The duo is still together and is spending a quality time with each other and are pure relationship goals!

A couple of days back, Bani shared an adorable video on her official Instagram handle and we just can’t stop being in awe of it. And the caption she posted is the cutest caption till date. Not just that, if you read the caption carefully, she also said the three magical words to Yuvraj.


No throwback or flashback more like a gratitude post. _______________________ To @yuv_thehuman, to me, to the Us we love so much (and do our best to not get too attached to.) Some days it feels like time stands still when you leave and there's this moment of absolute stillness around. And then it takes a little bit to remember that right, I do carry on doing this life thing until we meet again lol. To the best and worst of us, to the ying and the yang, the sunrise and the sunset. To the not knowing and the ToTo (lol) To the brutal honesty and fearlessness, to loving with all we've got⚡️ And incase I didn't tell you already, THANK YOU!! I love you! ❤️ ______________________________________________ #theresjustOne #totheUs #somuchofeverything #caughtfeelings #lol #lowkeymakingclaims #readMine

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But this isn’t the first time. Way before this, Yuvraj had expressed his love for his lady love. These love birds have time and again proved their love to each other and to the world. There were rumors of them breaking up in between as well, but Bani cleared the air with this Instagram post. The couple is currently on a travel spree and their gym pictures are fitness goals for couples.  

Here’s how he did it:


Don't they look adorable? We are always happy to see 2 people happily and madly in love with each other and we wish Bani and Yuvraj all the very best for their future.

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