7 Ways To Iron Out The Kinks

Here are some shapewear ideas for the bride to be. Dig into the blog to know more.

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To all the bride-to-be’s and the bridesmaids, you have the perfect dresses- saree gowns with sexy Razorbacks and crop tops with palazzos flaunting your midriffs sorted for the 5-day wedding extravaganza. Hold on, do you have the utmost important garment in place? Sure you call your wobbly parts the love handles but they ain’t that lovely! Contour and keep them tucked in with your shapewear- A Spanx transforms a women’s body but beware they cannot work major miracles! Back in the 20s women prided their dainty waistlines and fabulous cleavages but that came at a weighting cost of not breathing and moving, thanks to the constricting corsets and blouses.  Head to Victoria Secrets or Marks and Spencers to find ultra strong shapewear which will smooth your bulges in all the right places Make them marvel at your midsection with these shape enhancing sections. Here are some shapewear ideas for the ladies out there.


1. Body Control Dresses Wear a good bodycon under your Anarkali or Kurta for a flatter tummy, a firmer bust. Let it take care of bulges and make you look more toned as you dance your way to the choicest Punjabi tracks.


2. Shaping Shorts Add them to your wardrobe for discrete shaping and contoured thighs and butts under Palazzos, cigarette pants, and Shararas.


3. Butt Pads Butt pads are the Holy Grail for celebs like Kylie Jenners and other Kardashians when it comes to enhancing bottoms. Shape up your booty with Hip enhancer panties or butt pads and give an impression of the million dollars squat worthy bottom.

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4. Pasties Unveil you back safely with some nude colour nipple pasties, proxy to silicon pads. Perfect for those bareback gowns, V-Neck midriff-baring tops, and backless cholis. Other options include inner adhesive tapes that keep the padded cups in place so you can bare your back safely


5. Shaping Camisoles Nothing quite sculpts up your silhouette as the basic camisoles, camouflaging your love handles and hiding your tummy. Alternate use- Wear them as a blouse with a printed cotton skirt for the Sangeet night.


6. Bolero Shaper Smooth and firm your arms by wearing a bolero shape with your corset for saree blouses, capes, and crop tops. It helps cover up any below-the-bra bulge on your front and back.


7. Specially designed customised lingerie- As the name suggests it is often something which ticks all the boxes and is really something special.


Most importantly, match your skin tone to the inner garment and not your dress. Go for colours like nude and blush pinks Always remember that there is a difference between the perfect sizes and not being able to breathe at all, it might also leave you at the risk of hampered blood circulation. It’s probably best to splurge a little bit and spend for really good quality shapewear; this will help you find optimal comfort and smoothness on your big day. Don’t leave it for the last minute. Innerwear and dress need to work hand in hand to achieve that perfect silhouette. Last but not the least it’s no excuse to skip the gym and eating healthy.

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