What Makes An Indian Wedding The Most Exciting Of All Affairs

Indian Weddings! The phrase brings with itself a lasting wave of varied emotions, as diverse as the 330 million Gods embellishing the Indian lands. Dig into the blog to know more.

Author: Alice | Updated: January 20, 2016 6:52 IST

Indian Weddings! The phrase brings with itself a lasting wave of varied emotions, as diverse as the 330 million Gods embellishing the Indian lands. A typical Indian wedding has all the essential elements of a well-rounded thriller, and that is what makes Indian weddings and all the ceremonies that follow-up to it, the most effervescent affair of all. There is action, comedy, thrill, and oodles of drama in every Indian wedding. 
Here are the various idiosyncrasies that make the Great Indian Wedding so entertaining, that they could give all the blockbuster movies ever produced, a run for their money!





If the couple manages to steal supportive glances towards each other while braving the chaos of rituals, relatives and unending demands of the wedding photographer, then the bride and the groom are truly a match made in heaven. Romance blooms in the supportive and fatigued smiles that the wedding couples exchange, a smile reserved for only the two of them, away from the probing lens of the wedding photographer.





No matter which side you are from- the proud and pompous ladkawaalas or the pensive and hospitable ladkiwaalas, you are bound to join the ‘misty eyed’ bandwagon when it comes to the bidai. The solemn moment of a bride leaving the home she grew up in often produces dollops of tears and happy sniffs.





No wedding is complete till the time the bride’s sister is successful in extorting big bucks from her Jiju. The conventional path dictates the tradition of stealing the groom’s shoes and trading them for ‘Sagan’. Newer techniques have also been devised to leave a hole in the groom’s pocket, one of them being the practice of not letting the groom enter his bedroom until the time he pays up. If this isn’t torture, I don’t know what is! 





Indian weddings are lovingly packaged with a lot of drama. Drama is inherent in the way in which the ceremony proceeds, with the bride and groom walking around the fire to strengthen their vows and the groom filling the bride’s forehead with vermilion as a symbol of his vow to protect her.





Unintentional comic moments are found in abundance when it comes to Indian weddings. Drunk middle-aged uncles who insist on putting a display of their raw sexuality on the dance floor, aunties who indulge in mindless gossip mongering and create the most baseless of rumors, grandmothers and grandfathers looking for ways to hitch their oh-so-eligible grandchildren to a suitable match, are some of the few reasons why Indian weddings leaves one thoroughly entertained.





Indian weddings often act as a portal for display of the most exquisite of costumes. We just don’t hold black. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, and diamonds are not just found as a part of the jewelry, they also become an intrinsic part of the clothing. A Wedding is where everyone from the bride to a two-year-old toddler gets dressed to impress.





The widely contrasting characters that one encounters in an Indian wedding is what makes a wedding so quirky. There are the matchmakers, who try to play the role of cupid for every person of ‘marriageable age’ in the house. You find the gluttons, whose sole motivation to attend the wedding is to scarf down all eatables down their throats. You get to meet the dancers, who can’t get enough of shaking the leg and have pledged to break the dance floor. 

Haven’t attended any Indian wedding yet? Get on it and make some sure shot plans to crash one!

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