Best Ways To Spend The Night Before Your Wedding Day

We suggest you embrace every emotion and prepare yourself for the big day with nothing but a glowing smile. Dig into the blog to know more.

Author: Tirnasengupta | Updated: December 25, 2015 8:36 IST

It goes without saying that the night before the wedding day might just turn into the longest night of your lives. Overwhelmed and counting minutes – you don’t want to saunter around with an exhausted look on your wedding day.

We suggest you embrace every emotion and prepare yourself for the big day with nothing but a glowing smile.

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Write it down

Whatever it is, write it down. Let your restlessness sprinkle on the page through ink. Feeling uneasy is nothing abnormal. In fact, capture your emotions and preserve these moments. After all, there are worlds in words and trust me, you would love to go through these few pages written by you someday later in your life.


Get your beauty sleep

After months of turmoil and tiresome errands, it’s finally here, your wedding day. Sleep deprivation can leave you with a tired look or worse, dark circles and crow’s feet. Make sure you take a sound nap and believe that things will go fine.


A girls-only night out

Mainstream as it may sound, partying with your girls never gets old. Call your best friends and speak your heart out. Scream at the top of your voice, laugh out uproariously, dance like a freak.



If your long hour appointments for the next day are still pestering you and waging a war against your endeavors to sleep, take a pen and paper and note down a to-do-list. List out all the problems residing n your brain and write the possible solutions corresponding to each one of them. 


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Are you up for it sister? If you have other interesting ways to spend your last night before the wedding day, then drop in your comments below.


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