Your Wedding Budget Guide - To Save Or To Splurge

A wedding in the house brims with countless emotions and joy to the people involved in the grand affair.

Author: Tirnasengupta | Updated: October 14, 2016 12:41 IST

A wedding in the house brims with countless emotions and joy. While some people might be ecstatic about the irresistible food and shopping, others are just thrilled to see happy faces everywhere adorning themselves with vibrant colours and sparkling bijou.
Planning a wedding is never an easy task. You’ll feel drained after executing one task after another. Whether the bride wants a designer lehenga or the wedding invite designer doesn’t agree to your proposed payment – the tensions are endless but everything is manageable only if you know how to plan it right.
Before you elope and leave all the aunties waiting to splurge and dance hanging, check out these simple rules of wedding planning – to save or to splurge!


1. Wedding venues – Rethink splurge! 

The venue is always a big question mark till your heart finally sets on one. They are either dream-like or a settlement, but venues are worthy of their price. Even though the prices are seldom negotiable on venues, their services and packages surely are. Another way to save money and time on venues is by following the extremes – either plan a destination wedding or shortlist a venue in your city that is convenient.


2. Wedding Invitations – Definitely save! 

Trendy wedding invites are now making a huge impression and so, people have actually started taking it seriously. But before you go on a shopping spree like a billionaire, take notes. There are simple yet classier ways of getting invites without burning a hole in your pocket. You can connect with local artists in your city to design the card for you or make this a DIY task for your friends as your wedding gift. Let’s see if they take the pain.


3. Caterers and menu – Definitely Splurge!

Well, can you compromise with what food goes into your mouth? No, we’d like to think so. Food at weddings is the real reason some of your guests even show up. Mostly the choice of your menu is directly proportionate to the variety of your menu. But you can now select from quirky options like hiring wedding caravans, setting a massive multi-cuisine buffet or outdoor catering services.  


4. Wedding Choreographers – Don’t break your piggy bank just yet! 

Come on! We are talking about dance here and you are at an India wedding. Do you really need choreographers? Well, if you are completely comfortable in your skin, then no. But if you want to try new dance style and synchronized performances, then take lessons as per the choreographers’ package.


5. Wedding Photographers – Save to the rescue! 

I’m pretty sure someone in your wedding house owns a good phone (read = iPhone) and the problem is automatically resolved.


6. Makeup artists – Beauty: preach! 

This is an important one becausewith flawless makeup, you get better selfies. Since every bride wants to look like a queen on her wedding day, you owe her one here. Get your makeup sorted with artists in your city. Remember, contouring and airbrushing are the words to learn.


7. Wedding Décor – Save like a boss!

Regardless of the selected wedding venue, decorating it takes most time and money. People are now personalizing their weddings with themes using colour schemes, origami, recycled wine bottles and much more. You too can take charge of this DIY task this season and be quirky.


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