Wedding Horoscope march 2017


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A new month brings about new zodiac predictions. Wondering what your zodiac sign says about your love life if you are going to hear the wedding bells ring anytime soon? Don’t worry we’ve got your back, scroll down to find out about the wedding horoscope of this month and what your zodiac sign will reveal.


Aries people are daring, spontaneous and independent, however, this month brings about mixed results in the matters of love/relationship. Be prepared for anything as it can swing either way. If all goes well and you tie the knot this month then your relationship is sure to thrive, it will be hugely successful and full of spontaneity. But keep in track one wrong move and everything will go downhill so make sure you are willing to be compromising and harmonious, avoid getting into fights or arguments.


Taurus are extremely sensual, motivated, driven sign and have a taste for the finer luxuries of life. Your relationship will be stable, steady and grounded. Sorry Taurus folks no wedding for you this month. Do not get carried away in your relationship, follow the policy of dealing with stuff as it’s happening, go with the flow and make sure you take a neutral stance in all areas.

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Gemini craves for some variety in their life but stops you from making rash decisions because things are going to get rocky this month. Be polite and gentle, remember communication is the key, resist making bold moves cause you might end up regretting later on. And for those who are getting married, you are blessed with a happy, understanding and communicative relationship.


Cancer people, you are about to hit the jackpot, you have high chances of favorable results. Love is in the air and heading your way cancers. You are in luck and are soon to get married if not already. You are sure to have a cutesy relationship with cheesy romance and things are about to spice up soon. Stop being shy and come out of your comfort zone and make the best of this opportunity.


Leos are passionate, fiery, hot-headed and sassy. You are going to have a dramatic, feisty and zealous marriage, full of passion and desire. Though try to tame your flaring temper and cool things down before it gets too serious. But if you are single, its better you steer clear of new relationships, things will hit the fan and everything will go haywire.


You are about to discover some chaos ahead in your marriage life which goes against your organized nature but keep your chin up and face whatever happens courageously. There will be some friction and right but face the challenge head on. All the single Virgos keep a look out cause it may be that you will find the love of your life this month.


Libra is the sign that rules marriage and thus not surprisingly you are probably about to hear some wedding bells soon enough. This month is also a great time to build bonds/links of love and maybe it can be the start of a new steamy romance. So look out you might just end up bumping into your potential lover sooner than you expected.


Scorpions are extremely intense, seductive and sexy. This month will bring you great luck in the love department and for all those who are getting married, your marriage will be full of passion, love, and intimacy, and also the romance will be burning bright for years to come.  Past problems will heal and this month will rekindle compassion and love.


This month may bring some trouble in paradise for the married couples, don’t stress too much, though, it’s just one of those rough patches, be sure to talk it out, settle any concerns or insecurities instead of letting it fester and you can get past this hard time, it will be over before you know it. And if you meet someone new don’t be afraid to start a relationship, it might progress slowly that it will be relatively pleasant and comforting.


Fortunately or unfortunately this month does not bring about any exciting changes for you, things will go on as it has been without any momentous instances. So sit tight and enjoy this peace while it lasts but no need to worry your time to shine under those wedding lights will come soon enough. However, the good news is if you are single and ready to mingle this might just turn out to be the perfect time for you as this month may grace you with someone special so put yourself out there.


You may find yourself in an unconventional and peculiar situation but be sure to embrace it as it is full of promises for a bright future. And if you are one of those lucky few getting married, your relationship is going to be iron strong and solidified by love. There is also some kind of surprise in the near future so just go with it and enjoy


There’s a lot of growth and maturity for you this month. This time won’t be hard on you and will only provide you with easy to handle love situations, though there will be both favorable and unfavorable times. You might have some issues dealing with expectations but its nothing that a heartfelt conversation can’t fix.  But if you are looking to propose this might just work out for you, you and your partner will be dreamy match with lots of romance to look forward to. So expect some wedding vows Pisces persons.

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