18 Wedding Photography Mistakes You Must Avoid

Some bloopers on the part of the photographer or the client can muck up the entire wedding album. Here is how to avoid them.

Author: Harini | Updated: July 20, 2016 5:11 IST

Indian weddings have so much color, so much drama and so many emotions which need to be captured and preserved for a lifetime. After all, nostalgia strikes as per it whims and to cater to it, wedding photography plays a crucial role.

Wedding photography has been a part of wedding affairs for the longest time now. With dynamic trends and techniques, the quality and clarity of pictures has considerably improved but sometimes, some bloopers on the part of the photographer or the client can muck up the entire wedding album. To avoid this from happening, here at 19 wedding photography mistakes you should know about.



Tips for the Photographers


1. Don’t Over-Edit

To polish raw images, editing stands important but over-editing can sometimes hinder with the true essence and emotions.


2. Don’t Tell Your Clients to Pose Always

Candid shots have a charm of their own! Let your clients come out of their puppet-zone and click unfaked smiles and tears.


3. Don’t Shoot Without a Team

If you think you can handle the entire wedding affair single-handedly, you are mistaken. Indian weddings are grand and resorts and farm houses are spread over a huge area for which a team of photographers/videographers is a must.


4. Don’t Take Only 1-2 Group Shots

The number of people in one group shot can range from 5 to 50. In this case extracting the perfect shot in which every member of the group is posing as you desire is a far cry. The solution here is to keep clicking continuously so that you have a pool of options in the end.


5. Don’t Copy Photography Trends

Yes, photography pages on social media are a great help and can enhance your skill wonderfully but sometimes, copying these trends can go very wrong depending on the lighting and backdrop.


6. Don’t Forget to Capture Details

Be it quirky wedding décor, the bride’s mehendi or the zari detailing on the groom’s sherwani, as a photographer you need to capture it all. In the end, detailing is what adds definition.


7. Don’t Promise What you Can’t Deliver

Show your clients genuine samples of your work. Don’t have them set their expectations sky high when you can’t deliver the same.


8. Don’t Ignore Clients Expectations

What you think is perfect might not appear the same to the client. Every client has a set of expectations which a photographer needs to keep in mind while shooting.


9. Don’t have Partial Knowledge about your Equipment    

As a photographer, you should be well versed with your lenses and other equipment and they should be kept in an organized way so that spontaneity is maintained.


10. Don’t Select a Cluttered Backdrop

Indian weddings have a lot going on! There are so many guests, scattered seating arrangements etc. To ensure perfection in your shot, do not select a backdrop which deviates the focus away from the subject.


11. Don’t Click Black and White Images

Indian weddings stand out because of their color and changing the color scheme of the camera to black and white does not carry sense. If need be, the images can later be edited to add depth.


Tips for Clients


12. Don’t Rely on Relatives

Even if your cousin bought a new DSLR and did a crash course in photography does not mean that you should let him do your wedding snapping.


13.  Don’t Long for Perfection

It’s your wedding and we understand that your album needs to be next to perfect but sometimes imperfection is beautiful and also inevitable.


14. Don’t Book Your Photographer Too Late

Booking your photographer in haste is the last thing which you should be doing as it leaves no stone unturned to ruin your wedding album.


15. Don’t Ask for Too Many Shots

Your photographer knows his/her job. Asking for too many shots of the same subject can frustrate the professional and he/she loses focus.


16. Don’t Look into the Camera Always

Make your images look natural by not having an eye for the camera always. Get a little pretentious even if you know that the camera is around by not looking directly into it.


17. Don’t Finalize an Unknown Photographer

A photographer should be considered a part of the family and should share a bond which makes the whole concept of wedding photography comfortable. In short, a wedding photographer should be invisible.


18. Smile!

Smile in every picture! Serious faces and Indian weddings don’t go along very well.


Avoid these mistakes to frame picture perfect memories.

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