Here's Why Wedding Photography Is Just Like Storytelling

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Unlike the spontaneity of nature shots, photographers at special occasions like weddings come with a purpose. The purpose is to recreate that moment exactly the way it has been played out for the couple to cherish it forever. Wedding photography has now stretched its arms to clutch different styles of filming the wedding, and it is not just candid anymore.
Many photographers take inspiration from their diverse background in the film industry, journalism, and media to instill those maneuvers in capturing personal emotions.
Photographers have surpassed the meaning of candid in a beautiful way and gave it a new twist that is storytelling. Visual storytelling is definitely ruling the digital age. What was once used for documentation purposes is now being used solely for aesthetic purposes.

In this Instagrammable age, Mikma the founder of Delhi-based wedding photography company White Orchid unveils the power of storytelling at weddings.  Owing to his background in media, he has derived new ways of capturing images that’ll leave people in awe and freeze those moments forever.

As much as he believes in building a strong and comforting relationship with the client prior to the wedding, Mikma unfolds a story with every picture. Like a recorded song, you’ll be able to not just see the pictures but also feel those memories again.

If you want a perfect timeline of your wedding celebration, then this is where you’d get it. To know more about creative wedding albums, click here.

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Posted on: October 17, 2016 wedding photography, white orchid photography, Delhi photographers, storytelling


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