7 Tips To Keep In Mind For A Perfect Wedding Album That Stands Out

While couples are getting more directly involved in organizing the wedding, and still being rooted in tradition, wedding photographers have to find the perfect balance between traditional studio photography and candid photography.

Author: Khushigupta | Updated: December 13, 2015 1:07 IST

Guess the best and the worst part about wedding pictures? Sure these captured memories are reminiscent of the most important day of one's life, but at the same time, there are no retakes of the bad pictures. Wedding pictures are the only thing you cannot get done again. The stereotypical shots of the bride cringing and tirelessly getting clicked in almost the same 80 poses or those of the guests with mouthfuls of paneer tikkas at the wedding sounds medieval. Welcome the new age wedding photography that is fresh and candid, with a focus on organic happenings. The trend is a little heavy on the pocket but couples don’t mind shelling extra to make their special day even more extraordinary.


In a perfect wedding, both are given due attention.

Admit it few of us can manage to click decent pictures. Follow these expert tips for those perfect Instagram-worthy pictures this wedding season.

1) Needless to say click a lot of pictures, a lot of them, because this day comes only once. Let the narcissist in you take over today and click those duck face and pout selfies with the star couple of the day. Keep spare batteries handy if using your own DSLR. 


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2) Some funky photo booth ideas? 

Sports: Use your favourite sports team / logo as the backdrop and use footballs, basketballs, cricket bats, etc as props Maths: Use an Algebra equation in the background, and funky pie, alpha, beta, gamma, percentage symbols with messages on them as props Music: Use an orchestra photo as the backdrop and toy guitars, keyboards, tabla, etc as props


3) Use some personal photos in the backdrop to customize it even further, or even use funny cardboard cutouts of yourself to add to the funky quotient.


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4) Take some pictures in black and white or get them developed in Sepia tint. This helps to instill the atmosphere and emotions of the big day.


5) To all the mommies with tiny tots and kids- get your kids clicked first- otherwise they will get their clothes soiled while playing.


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6) How to get the trickiest picture of all-  Read couple, mummy, daddy, sisters, brothers, grandparents, cousins and the entire entourage in a group photo? Connect with your photographer; the more comfortable you are with him/her and vice versa, the better the images we will be able to make. Don’t confuse being photogenic with being beautiful. 


7) And lastly, smile with confidence & laugh without hesitation. If you are the bride just saok in the limelight. After all, this day comes once in a lifetime!


Happy Clicking!!

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