What Is Wedding Planning Like According To Dudes

The act of men organizing their own wedding is similar to them organizing any party or even their bachelor.

Author: Alice | Updated: January 22, 2016 12:51 IST

Men are simple. The act of men organizing their own wedding is similar to them organizing any party or even their bachelor. The idea is to make sure 'the bros have a great time' which in simpler term means getting the key friends, constituting the inner circle, adequately drunk. In addition, to get the right vibe what helps is a combination of great music and eye candy.
Yes, I know its sounds similar to the contents of GQ or Maxim magazine. But then again men are so simple. 

According to Wedding Planner Gaurav Mohan, 'women are dreamers and have visualised the perfect wedding from the decor to the flowers to the music that will play when they walk to the mandap, men are practical, they care if the bar is big enough to make sure no one is waiting for a drink.’

So if you are a 2016 groom then this ought to be on your list, most of the pointers are for the baraat.

1. Enough talented bartenders.  So that no one gets a martini instead of a margarita!

2. Make sure your DJ got the memo that Bollywood Music has been largely replaced by EDM.

3. If your friends and family are hard core baraatis and would love to create a traffic jam and display their dance moves on the road, then support their enthusiasm with a DJ on a tempo with full fledged fancy speakers.

4.  Add a cultural vibe and make sure a percussionist or the traditional dholwalas are jamming with DJ.

5. To add a dash of drama make sure some sparklers go off every now and then.

6. Coming back to friends - continue to motivate the dancer in them with a car-o-bar. Get a golf cart or a vintage car on the go with baraat for an incessant supply of shots and booze. In case, you have a large baraat then just multiply the car-o-bars accordingly.

7. Yes, we know you are sensible, but just a gentle reminder, guys you want to stand out and not match the wedding decor so just state the colour of your clothes for the various functions to the wedding planner.

Men love discussing women. Women love discussing other women. So it works great well for all. Fingers crossed!



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