8 Trending Wedding Shoe Styles For Men And Women

Brides and bridegrooms, here are a few shoe styles you can explore and adorn during your wedding.

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Wearing the right kind of shoes is as important as wearing the right kind of attire on your wedding day. Your shoes should match the colour and silhouette of your attire and more than anything, they should be comfortable because who would want to trip during their own wedding functions? So, to avoid a wobbly walk or a shaky fall, put style second and comfort first on your list.


From a splash of gold sequins to light-coloured thread work on your designer shoes, from coloured kitten heels to toe-pointed heels, from leather shoes to classy mojari juttis, the couple-to-be can go for these pair of shoes for different ceremonies.



When your attire has a good amount of glitter, you cannot afford to go for simple footwear. Trust us, you have it in you to pull this glitter pair of heels off. It is your day. If you wouldn't be the star of the ceremony, who will be? A pair of bejewelled sandals such as this, will go with both gown and saree, on your reception or ring ceremony and will make you look taller. So, get ready to shine on your D-day.



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If brides out there do not want glittery footwear, they can go for this subtle pair of heels that invoke the romance of the bygone era. These will look fancy as well as bring out the royal look out of you. With these, your mehendi will be visible too. The embroidery on the heel looks simple and stunning. There are a variety of colours available in the market but black has always been the safest bet. 




If you want to do the unusual, don't think twice. The ceremonies are for you and you can do all that you like (even if it includes wearing shoes with a lehenga!). Start a new trend and roam freely wearing a comfortable pair of shoes. Your look will not be ordinary and scream for attention in the most fun manner. Staying on your toes will not be a task anymore!



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Bridal shoe worries? Forget them and go for this lovely pair of juttis for your bridal trousseau! There is nothing like too many flowers and one can never go wrong with black velvet and exquisite hand-embroidered work. Dance on your favourite Bollywood track and be unstoppable. Trust us, they are worth obsessing over!




Now here’s something for the grooms-to-be. Carved with hands, this pair of mojari with blue birds and golden branches should be your pick for your wedding ceremony. Fine-drawn jutties such as these, will go perfectly with sherwanis, designer kurta pyjamas and embroidered dhoti kurtas. Hand-embroidered on silk, these shoes are stylish, trendy and subtle. They are sure to add grace to your personality. 



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With colours such as black, grey, blue and white, men can go for this glitter-encrusted footwear, for it is their wedding and a little extra bling would look good on them. Adding shine to your personality, these shoes will prove to be a great choice for you and will complement your attire. Glitter shoes are super glam and super comfortable. When the bridesmaids hide them, they are worth fighting for.




Gone are those days when the grooms wore simple pair of black or brown shoes to their weddings. Today, there are various trendy styles and colour options available for them to choose from. With your staple Indian garment, sherwani, you can go for a colourful embroidered silk mojari juttis. With beautiful designs borrowed from nature directly, the green leaves and flowers of different hues sewn on a light background will add to your traditional look.



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In case you opt for a light coloured sherwani such as white, cream, light green or light pink, then you can balance your wedding look with a dark pair of juttis. Silk embroidered shoes for men in maroon, brown and dark blue will bring the needed shimmer and elegance in the groom. So, think no more and look out for your right size of shoes.



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These were a few options for you to choose for your wedding functions. In case the bride's dress is too long and her feet may not be visible much, then she can go for a pair that is comfortable and will not give her a hard time during the long ceremony. It is always better to wear your new pair of shoes for some time before the wedding in order to avoid the pain that will come from blisters. Always keep a spare pair of shoe for your rescue.


Let your feet breathe and go to your wedding with happy feet.


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