7 unconventional wedding trends that need to happen right NOW!

When it comes to weddings, Indians are spoilt for choice. Find out more at Bandbaajaa.com.

Author: Nidhibakhru | Updated: December 15, 2015 12:14 IST

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When it comes to weddings, Indians are spoilt for choice. Here weddings are nothing if not ostentatiously royal and exude grandiose in every sense of the word. It’s all about perfecting the comfort of the guests and framing an unforgettable experience for the couple.



The kind of attire we wear on our big day becomes a topic of discussion and thus must be carefully chosen. Jewellery doesn’t have to mean something dreadfully shiny and bright. Going simple screams beauty and personifies sophistication. This season try a designer evening gown matched with a veil or a jumpsuit for the chic bride look. 


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If you want to redefine your wedding style statement, then you better start with elegant and quirky invitation cards. No. We are not talking about social media invites, but it wouldn’t hurt to take inspiration from the big fat Bollywood weddings. Customize your cards with a picture of the couple and pamper the guests with rich almonds and a welcome gift.  


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When you think you have dog-eared all the important tasks while planning a wedding, sometimes you tend to overlook your furry friends. This unconventional trend should really become a tradition now. Weddings are incomplete without blessings from all the members of the family – pets will undoubtedly garner the best awww.  




One thing everyone looks forward to after the great Indian wedding saga is the great Indian photo album – an epic compilation of all the funny and emotional anecdotes. Spare the delay horror, and get funky photo booths and props instead


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An exotic location, a utopian setting and the happy couple – an event as grand as your wedding deserves to be captured in a way that you’ll cherish it forever. Photographs are personal but aerial view drone coverage is simply divine. 






Bored of the mediocre buffet style at weddings? Want an extraordinary food bonanza? Then step out of the box and go for unconventional food trucks that will readily serve you delish food on the go. You can select from wide range of cuisine and gourmet caravans to match your personality and décor.  


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While grown-ups are busy with their selfies and lengthy over-drink conversations at weddings, kids deserve something special and we have just the perfect thing in mind. Create an all-kids section. Set up a play station or Xbox along with other engaging activities to keep them occupied. If you want them to keep out of your business, then you better stay out of theirs. 


This season be ready to play the traditional cards right whilst giving them a personalized and fashionable look. If you know of other interesting unconventional trends, then drop us comments below. 


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