10 Weird Wedding Themes From Across The World

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Wedding themes are the new trend raging in weddings across the world. Be it based on a color or a character, themes add an element of fun to the wedlock making it an affair even more memorable. Plus, theme-based arrangements, outfits and catering can fetch you some easy brownie points!

Where most people resort to wedding themes such as a prince-princess wedding, a beach-inspired wedding or a Bollywood blockbuster wedding, we came across some bizarre themes which people from across the world chose. Call it a publicity stunt or a dream come true, these weddings did manage to attract limelight and you never know, someone might just be taking inspiration from the same!Zombie Themed Wedding


Zombie Themed Wedding

For couples who want to stay together even after death, a Zombie wedding can be called a practice session!

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Mud Themed Wedding

Your wedding dress is one of your most prized possessions, isn’t it? But if you opt for a mud-themed wedding, be prepared to have it destroyed. Also, ditch those fancy heels for some thigh high gum boots.

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Clown Themed Wedding

If you were the snob who would mock people by calling them a clown, you would probably have to address the bride and groom the same way in a clown themed wedding!

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Gothic Wedding

For those couples who like it dark and scary, a Gothic wedding is your most unique bet!

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Blood Themed Wedding

Imagine a wedding where flowers are replaced by cut organs and blue lagoons by red blood (of course unreal). Yes, that’s exactly the backdrop couples wanted while they exchange wedding vows.

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Superhero Themed Wedding

We understand you were obsessed with Batman as a kid or even in your late teens but dressing up like superhero at your wedding can be a bit too over-board. Well, at least those couples who chose this theme did not think so.

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Shrek Themed Wedding

This Shrek Wedding grabbed many eyeballs as the bride and groom literally painted their faces green and by the look of it, they loved it!

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Skeleton Themed Wedding

Would you want your wedding banquet to look more like a biology lab? If yes, you could be the skeletons!

Image - Instagram


Minion Themed Wedding

Even though Minions are adorable but dressing like one on the most important day of your life? Daring, we must say!

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Snake Themed Wedding

No, a snake themed wedding is nothing similar to wearing a snake print outfit or carrying a snake skinned bag. Rather, a snake themed wedding has real snakes crawling around and like this bride, it’s not a bad idea to even use it as a prop in your photo shoot.

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Would you dare to have a theme like any of these? Let us know in the comments.

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