Real Couples Reveal What Happened On Their First Night And You'll Be Shocked To Know The Answers

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-Harini SV

Are you curious about what actually happens on first nights? What are the brides and grooms really up to? Does it all go down like in the movies irrespective of it being arranged or love marriage? No need to be embarrassed we wonder just as much as you too. So we decided to ask couples about it and you would be astonished at the answers we received, so scroll down to read two such stories.

1. Riya says…..

My wedding would be what people would call love/arranged marriage. Varun was a family friend, my mom’s best friend's son to be more specific and since our mothers were friends we pretty much grew up together and were best friends for all our lives. We hit an awkward period when I fell in love with him but it all worked out for the better when I got to know that he returned those feelings, we dated for about three years in secret before finally gathering enough guts to approach our parents about marriage. Unbelievably, not that I’m complaining since we were really lucky, our parents confessed embarrassed, that they were planning to marry us off, either way, we had a good laugh about it. Fast forward to wedding night we were exhausted to the bone by the end of the day, we barely had enough energy to change from the heavy uncomfortable clothes to take a shower. We previously did have sex, a lot even, but knowing each other very well and having already reached that shameless level of comfortable, we understood without any words spoken, that neither of us had any semblance of energy or will to go to do anything. I guess that’s the perks of marrying your best friend, easy comfortable chemistry, charm, and understanding. So instead we ended up just sleeping off like the dead too tired to do anything.

2. Alia says…

Harsh and I met through a blind date/ double date, one of my friends wanted to go on a double date and she believed that her boyfriend’s friend would be absolutely perfect for me, having already met him, turn out she was right. We just had this instant chemistry and simple just clicked like two puzzle pieces coming together, as cheesy as that sounds but that’s what it was. We were together for about four years before he popped the question and I, of course, said yes being madly in love with him, both of our parents are pretty chill in fact his parents already knew about us. So they gave us blessings easily and my parents had already met him as a ‘friend’ and liked him a lot.  Neither of us was virgins but we had mutually decided to wait until after marriage to do the deed. It was the best decision of my life, people say sex is overrated but in this case it wasn’t, after months of sexual tension, we were filled to the brim with lust and desire for each other, so naturally it all culminated to one amazing wedding night full of pleasure and love, we couldn’t get enough off each other. The night was just so beautifully perfect and the setting was hella romantic too which certainly didn’t hurt either.

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3.Siddharth says…

My parents set me up with Sanya believing that she would be a good match for me and truth be told I can’t quite refute that. Its been a year since we got married, we are still crazy in love and things can’t get any better. We went out for about a year before we set the date for the wedding and the entire time we spent getting to know each other and enjoyed the whole ‘dating’ aspect of the relationship. It was around this time that I had gotten to know that despite having had a few relationships in the past, she hadn’t yet taken the big leap yet and though we did get very close many times before marriage, it never happened. I also got to know her desire to do it only after marriage, which I was completely comfortable with, though the same could not be said about me. I enjoyed having sex but I was willing to wait for however long it took her to be ready. So I pretty much had zero expectations going into ‘the first night’. We were exhausted too, her jewels and lehenga was very heavy, clearly uncomfortable and was pinned up at million places, seeing her struggling with it I helped her undress. The moment got heated and after a lot of fondling I stopped myself as per usual but she continued on. I checked to see if she was sure before continuing. To be fully honest it was a bit awkward, I had never been with a virgin and I tried to be as accommodating and gentle as I could but that was only the first time. Let’s just say the night was full of desire and passion.

4.Priya says…

After two years of constant nagging from my parents, I finally agreed to an arranged marriage and at 27 I got married to Nikhil. We met a few times and went on a few dates, he turned out to be a really nice guy compassionate, kind, considerate, he was my ‘type’ one could say, we got along really well and I could easily see myself falling for him if given time, so I consented. But as the wedding day neared a deep-seated nervousness and fear took root in me. What would happen during the first night? That thought kept spinning around in my head. Mind you neither of us were innocent by any means, I wasn’t a virginal bride and neither was he. We had kissed a few times previously but that was it. I wasn’t anywhere near ready to sleep with him that I was sure of. I remember being very scared sitting on the bed waiting for him, I heard him enter but didn’t have the guts to make eye contact. I clenched my hands to hide that my hands were shaking badly, but I guess he saw it anyways. He came and sat next to me, took my hands in his while used the other to make me look up, I was scared shitless cause that is how it all starts in the movies but what he did next was the beginning of me falling hard for him. He comforted me saying we didn’t have to do anything I wasn’t ready for and agreed wholeheartedly to take things slow, get to know each other more and simply go with the flow and when it happens it will. We shared a passionate kiss and ended up talking the whole night, teasing, laughing like crazy and completely enjoying the night just not in a typical way.

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