An Open Letter From A Bachelor To His Friends Who Are Getting Married

Dear Soon To Be Brides and Grooms,

Author: Harini | Updated: December 4, 2016 8:11 IST

Dear Soon To Be Brides and Grooms,

Everytime I open Facebook, an update of you getting engaged pops up. Then, you flood my news feed with adorable pictures of your pre-wedding shoot and this is what make me extremely happy and a little sad at the same time. 

We have literally grown up together and seeing you start a new chapter of life is pure bliss. No, neither are you getting married early nor is my sadness any of your fault but as soon as your wedding invitations arrive one after the other, these are the things I cannot stop thinking!


-  Weekends Won’t Be the Same Anymore

Your partner is a gem and I know he/she won’t have a problem with us hanging out but marriage does change priorities. Our car-o-bar will turn into sophisticated dinners and crazy dancing will transform into romantic ball room parties.


-  I Will Not Have A Date Even For Your Wedding

Yes, I did promise that I would find someone when the third person out of our group of four ties the knot but here I am, all alone! Seeing you guys with your partners makes me genuinely happy and you have to stop feeling sorry for me right away!


-  Stop Hooking Me Up With Any Random Person

I know I’m single but you guys have to relax. Just because I’m a happily single individual does not mean that you can embarrass me by leaving me alone in one corner with just ANYONE!


-  Our Conversations Make Me Feel Like I’m 16 Again

When you discuss your in-laws, family functions etc. I feel like a baby who has nothing to contribute. Especially when you point out ‘He/She would know nothing,’ you’re kind of right and trust me, I feel like a 16-year-old school kid again.


-  I Feel Like Giving Up And Telling My Parents To Get Me Married

Since we have always done everything together, seeing you all married makes me feel out of the group at times. And boy, if we meet more than twice a month, it gets difficult to say no to my parents when they fix another rishta meet for me!


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