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‘A happy marriage is about three things: memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes and a promise to never give up on each other.’ Marriage has got to do a lot with compatibility, respect for your partner and the strength of the bond you share.'


If the two of you enjoy each other’s company and are willing to stay together for the rest of your lives, we feel age stands as a very secondary factor. But unfortunately, in India, age plays a major role in deciding the fate of many when it comes to taking nuptial vows.

For those who are helpless due to parental or peer pressure, studies suggest that the span between 28 years to 32 years is ideal for you to face those complexities of life which marriage brings along. Expert psychologists across the world feel that marrying at this age reduces the risk of divorce as an individual keeps the capability to take mature and sensible decisions.

But the flip side is what we second and it consists of asking you're conscious the following questions before getting married!

1. Have I accomplished what I planned for before getting married?


2. Am I being forced into marriage?


3. Is my partner ready for taking up the responsibility of me and my family?


4. Do we share a bond strong enough to hold hands for a lifetime?


5. Do I know my partner inside out to foresee how peaceful my married life would be?


6. Am I comfortable to discuss my problems with my partner?


7. Is my partner willing to support me through the decisions I have taken for my life?


So folks, before you plan to turn the pages for a new chapter of life to begin, understand that for a marriage to be successful, you have to fall in love every single day and always with the same person. So make sure you marry the one you love and the one who loves you back unconditionally, keeping the age factor aside!

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