5 Reasons Why Yoga Is Essential For You

One of the soundest ways to combat the wedding stress and wade away the extra kilos is by practising yoga. Find out more at Bandbaajaa.com

Author: Prarthanagrover | Updated: December 28, 2015 10:03 IST

Planning a wedding is a full-time job. Right from deciding the guest list and zeroing down on the venues to distributing the invites and visualising your look for the day. It’s a taxing roller coaster ride with emotions raging high at all times. You are bound to lose your cool at various junctures of the planning, fret over inconsequential matters, and spew venom at anyone who dares to say that you are overreacting. All the emotional upheaval and binge eating are the required ingredients for the cauldron that conjures a disastrous wedding day. 
One of the soundest ways to combat the wedding stress and wade away the extra kilos is by practising yoga. 


The wedding madness can easily become larger than it is supposed to be and take over your life. The breathing exercises of yoga will ensure that you do not let the wedding chaos create turmoil in your life. The tranquillity of the exercises will cascade over you and will equip you with mental strength. 

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Yoga helps the bride to beat the stress in the most effective manner possible. Where last minute glitches and hiccups can’t be avoided, yoga helps the bride to maintain her cool while dealing with the problems that need to be ironed out. 



Nothing helps the bride get that toned body like yoga does. Yoga is best to shed some extra kilos and get the perfect body that will help you look like a million bucks on the wedding day. Not only is it less fatigue inducing than other forms of workout, it has the added benefits of helping you achieve more than just toning up. 

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Apart from helping you deal with stress, yoga also allows you to evolve as a person. It paves the way for you to explore your spiritual side. Marriage is one of the greatest milestones of the voyage of the human life and it comes with unprecedented changes and compromises, along with unconditional love. In order to put your best foot forward and begin this new chapter in life in the unparalleled positivity and good vibes, it’s important to invest your time in an activity such as yoga. 

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Yoga can be a fun way to get to know different dimensions of your better half. It is a great way to unwind from the wedding stress and enjoy a quiet evening in each other’s company. Not only is it a good way to get healthy, but is also a great way to bond with your intended. 

Yoga should be held in a sacrosanct position for all brides to be. Convinced yet? 

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