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-Sumanya Sehgal

We all yearn for that mesmerising picture wherein we are captured with all our perfect looks. It is always a desire to look best and to be captured the same way.

When it comes to our wedding, we should never settle for less.

If beauty is art, then its presentation is a greater art. You are looking for the perfect wedding photographer with the best of the best technology used, on the very right platform, bandbaajaa.com.

We bring forth an amazing wedding photographer who has an experience of good 20 years in the field and who has also been awarded the Best Finish Work Award by the President Secretariat. Well, it is definitely a major victory!

Yash Photos are specialised in doing candid photography, professional wedding shoots and pre-wedding shoots, still and videography as well, custom specialised and sequence wise shoot.  

Nowadays, getting yourself clicked alongside a pool with your hands in water is too mainstream.What is really desired is a candid photograph, wherein you are not actually posting to get clicked, but you get clicked. That picture brings out the genuineness that looks beautiful in each and every one.

They are even specialised in doing aerial shots by Helical and Drone. Getting that perfect aerial shot wherein all the beauty of probably of your wedding venue gets reflected. Well, view from the top is always beautiful.*winks*

They have been using a wide range of high-level technology, Sony Alfa A7S2 and are also using the 4K Full HD video shoot and edits.

All those young, to-be-married couples, book Yash Photos now, on bandbaajaa.com and secure your box full of beautiful memories for life. 

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Posted on: March 06, 2017 bride,groom,photos,photography,wedding,shaadi,candid,marriage,couple,love


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