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  • Photographers in Mumbai


    Photographers in Mumbai
    Every one of us wants to live our happy moments, again and again, throughout the life. We all want to experience the joy, cherish the laughter and relive the happiness that the moment has brought upon. We capture them, in the form of beautiful photographers, which are definitely still, but have the power to unleash a whole flood of memories they represent. Marriage is a beautiful occasion which deserves to be documented, so that we can relive it at various stages of life. It is definitely true that people believe that the marriage album should be “the thicker, the merrier”, as it is an attempt to signature each and every moment happening at its minute detail.

    Best Wedding Photographers In Mumbai

    We, at, help you to document every single moment of your splendid day, so that you can always relive your moments, even after they are long gone. For our hearty Mumbaikars, we present a range of best budget Wedding Photographers In Mumbai.

    With a necessary minimum experience of 5 years, we assure you that are choices are hand-picked from the list of top wedding photographers in Mumbai. With a minimal budget of 1,00,00 INR and starting price at 70,000 INR, they deal with the artistic, conventional, contemporary and documentary styles, in both photography an video-style. They provide 6-8 hours coverage for first three days, followed by the 10-12 hours coverage of next two days. Specialised in complimentary pre-wedding shoot, they promise to deliver about 1500 edited images through portable USB as well as web album. Being the best candid photography in Mumbai, their services range from, destination wedding, digital wedding, online proofing, and printed enlargements to second shooter, social media upload and wedding albums. They also cover the ceremonies of wedding, reception, mehendi and others. Above all, they deal with signature wedding music track, save-the-date video, traditional coverage and cinematography. 

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