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About Us

is the consolidated catalogue of all that is awesome. From picture-perfect proposal and festivities to exotic honeymoon locations and quality lifestyle, we strive to provide end-to-end solution for every query. Our expert team has brought together the best vendors and lifestyle professionals in India just to make your big day look like a million bucks.

From breaking the saddest myths about nuptials all over the world to useful information on how to pull of a big fat Indian wedding, we aim to revolutionize the wedding market. Browse through our vast range of products and services, and plan everything as per your convenience. To keep you on track with all the wedding tasks, create your personalized checklist with our help and we’ll make sure that you have everything under control, just a click away. We believe in the ‘do-it-together’ approach, instead of ‘doing-it-yourself’, that’s why we did our legwork and executed a cost-effective budget manager where you can list your wedding expense and we’ll tell you what to spend on and what to cut from your checklist.

The only way we want to earn brownie points here is by making the process of wedding planning, a stress-free and moving event for you. Don’t think we can pull if off flawlessly? Challenge accepted!

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