Top 10 Photographers In Kolkata You Should Know About

This era has taught us to express our emotions and mundane activities using visual aesthetics.

Author: Alice | Updated: September 2, 2016 1:48 IST

This era has taught us to express our emotions and mundane activities using visual aesthetics.  Talk about phone photography or excessive use of digital cameras; we are embracing this trend in every possible way. The genre and taste of different photographers have entered various fields of interest and so the shots are no longer just about posing anymore.
These photographers in Kolkata will make you rethink your wedding album ideas again.

1. Srejon Imagery, Kolkata

Srejon Imagery is one of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata. From artistic to documentary style, they cover everything as per the choice of the client. If you’re looking for excellent portraits from your wedding for an unforgettable album, then add Srejon Imagery to your list.

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2. Ritabrata Mukherjee Photography, Kolkata

This Kolkata-based photographer shares forte in creating contemporary style wedding albums. Their classic style is a result of moments captured as they pass by and freezing them forever. To magnify happiness via their lens is the ultimate challenge they face.

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3. Pixip Foto, Kolkata                                                  

They have differentiated their creative work of art by calling it wedding photojournalism. From classic portraits to candid moments, they have managed to check off every style on their list. Get ready for a beautiful wedding album that’ll seize every moment for you.

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4. Zicro Studio, Kolkata

This team based out of Kolkata promises to take care of everything that you have in mind for a perfect wedding photo shoot. They believe in bottling the essence of the couple at their best moments and celebrating the nuptials as a whole using a creative angle.

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5. Photographians, Kolkata

From covering the most trivial moments at a wedding to creating timeless frames for the couple and family, this Kolkata-based photography team will form a beautiful visual story for you to narrate it to generations to come.

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6. Papai Dutta Photography, Kolkata

With a well thought out process charted beforehand, they create an effortless timeless in the form of a stylish wedding album. They believe in building the excitement as they slowly capture every moment and walk you through the rituals being performed.

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7. Shutter Inc Photography, Kolkata

Their theme revolves around the effort you have made as a wedding couple. Your effort to make this day bigger than anything else; from shopping for clothes and jewellery to selecting the perfect venue or destination for the wedding – the aim is to catalogue every moment neatly for the album.

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8. Saarang Events, Kolkata

They focus on a concept that brings out the best of your individuality and a playful character in front of the camera. By building a strong relationship with the client prior to the wedding, they promise to give the best of the best of any celebratory event.

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9. Memories of Journey, Kolkata

This Kolkata-based team of photographers lets you cherish and embrace the wedding moments forever. Their sole aim is to fashion a perfect timeless straight out of ceremonies. By capturing the essence of the wedding sautéed in emotions, they promise to keep all the memories alive via photos.

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10. Little Black Box, Kolkata

There’s nothing better than wedding photography done right with a twist. This is what Little Black Box is all about. They begin with the trousseau and the décor, which is part of their warm up shoot, before moving on to more vital moments at the wedding.

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