6 Advices A Newly Wed Couple Gives To The Soon To Be Married

Getting married is no easy feat. Here are some words of wisdom by the newlyweds for the soon-to-be-weds.

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Marriage is one-lifetime decision that we make for a blissful future. We meet that special someone and start feeling the deep connection. Magic happens and eventually, we accept them as our partners for life. 


In the midst of the rituals and celebrations, there is something or the other which we miss out. Along with a lot of happy moments, the bride and groom go through a potpourri of emotions. They are almost blank on how to react and what to do.


It is believed that the bride-to-be faces a plethora of emotions. But as a matter of fact, it is not only the bride who is going through a roller coaster ride, the groom also goes through millions of emotions. 


Here we have newlyweds Divya Sharma and Mohit Khanna’s advice to all the soon to wed couples:



1) Enjoy Your Marriage As Much As You Can 

In the rush of the preparations, we often forget to enjoy our special day. “In my wedding, there was so much of work. I was very stressed. To my fellow brides, I will advice DO NOT BE STRESSED.” said Divya. Everything will and have to fall into place, so don't stress out yourself thinking too much. 



2) Plan Your Honeymoon Much In Advance

Planning a honeymoon is also one of the important tasks to be done by the couple. "If you want your honeymoon to be as perfect as your wedding the key again is to plan it on priority." said Mohit. Booking flights and hotels become more expensive closer to the date and once you plan ahead you have enough room to make bookings for your wedding and the honeymoon. Of course, picking your dream destination does not take a day.



3) Do Not Share Too Much With People Around You

People are very eager to get all the details about how exactly are you going to plan your wedding, what are you wearing, what is the venue and what not. Try not to spill all the beans prior to your wedding.



4) Do Not Think About How You Will Look

“As a bride, I had a lot of apprehensions about how I will look with all the makeup and the red lehenga. But trust me, whether you wear a Sabyasachi lehenga or a Chandni Chowk one, you are the bride there is no way you can look bad.” said Divya. So, just take a nap, feed yourself well and get ready to shine. 



5) Hire The Best Photographer 

Weddings are all about good food and great pictures. To capture your special day, all you need is a great photographer who freezes those super special moments for you in one frame. “Looking at my candids, I feel so happy. There is one picture where I was just catching a glimpse of my wife and the photographer captured it. It is one of my favorite pictures.” said Mohit.



6) Start Planning Early

"While deciding upon the vendors and all the expenses of the wedding, our budget exceeds. It is very common and there is no need to be worried about this." said Divya. To get a rough idea about the wedding budget, we advise you to book all the vendors well in advance. Planners, photographers, caterers, make up artists etc. get booked months in advance, and that’s why you should not wait to make your bookings. You will have a wider selection, you will lock in lower rates and you can spread out your payments with maximum help with vendors best suited for you.



The last piece of advice that our newlywed couple Divya and Mohit have is, "Envision all the positive things in your wedding. It will exactly be the way you had imagined, if not better." said Divya.

All of us enter into this blissful relationship with the hope that everything will be fair and shiny. So, sit back relax and enjoy your special day to the fullest.  



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