For Beauty Strokes That Get Everybody’s Attention – Lush n Blush By Debby

For all those who want to look nothing but the best at their wedding, Lush n Blush is the place to be in Hyderabad.

Author: Neha Grover | Updated: September 5, 2018 10:49 IST


Looking magnificent on her D-day, is every bride’s dream. To make it come true, Lush n Blush by Debby offers an all-encompassing range of services that will doll you up and give you the look you always desired.



Debby Nehushta, a former student of physiotherapy, always had a passion for makeup and hairstyles. She eventually gave shape to her hobby and worked with the prestigious brand MAC in Bengaluru. She applied all the learnings she amassed from MAC, in Hyderabad and soon became one of the most sought-after makeup artists in Hyderabad. With 4 years of work experience in the industry, she knows well what kind of makeup will suit what kind of facial features and skin tone. Debby has been exalted for her signature red carpet eye looks and flawless, GLOWING skin.



A good makeup artist knows that only high-quality products should be used on the skin so that it looks natural and also does not harm the skin. Debby ensures she sources all her products from the top in the line brands like Caudalie, Nars and Gucci. Be assured, your skin is safe in the hands of Debby.



All you need for pre-wedding grooming and wedding makeover, you can get right here at Lush n Blush. Not just makeup, Debby offers her expertise in many other services like –


HD Bridal Makeup

Regular Makeup

Cocktail Makeup

Saree Draping

Nail Art



And more..



Their makeup starts at Rs.3000 and goes up to Rs. 15,000, depending on the package that you take. So brides, set you bridal goals and reach out to Lush n Blush and stun everyone at your wedding. 



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